September 4th 2014


A Cadet from Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) has sprinted her way to success in Canada this summer securing a pre-qualification place for the World Championship for Sprint Triathlon in Chicago next year.

Kayleigh Adams, aged 18, who lives in Deeping St James, travelled to Canada in August with her family to compete in the world competition in which she had to swim, cycle and run.

This year’s World Championship for Sprint Triathlon was held in Edmonton, Canada on 29 August and Kayleigh was a part of the under 20s Great Britain (GB) team.

Thanks to her enthusiasm and strict training regime Kayleigh was confirmed 9th in the world in her category and was the first British and European athlete to finish, meaning she has earned her pre-qualification place for Chicago in 2015.

Reflecting on her achievements to date Kayleigh said: “I am so proud to have represented my country at this amazing event.  I have learnt so much about myself and I was so chuffed to be the first British athlete home.  I trained really hard in the run up to the event and that training has paid off.  I have my coach Judith Brand from Dr J Performance to thank for getting my fitness to its peak at the right time for this event.

“I was so nervous on race day but once the horn went to signify the start of the swim my focus was all on being the best that I could be.  I had a great swim, although it was fierce.  I had competitors swimming over me and I almost lost my goggles.  I was 14th out of the 58 competitors racing out of the water.  I had a good transition out onto my bike.  Thanks to some sponsorship from Totemic in Grantham I was able to upgrade my bike prior to coming to Canada and this really helped.

“I felt really strong on the hills and completed the 20km bike in just 35min (5th fastest in my age group) which made me appreciate that I was moving up the field.  This then left the 5km run which saw me placed 9th overall.

“Considering that I only started Triathlon just 13 months ago, I am amazed at how far I have come.  I really want to work even harder over the next 12 months.  My aim is the podium next year, but for the week or so that I have left in Canada, I am enjoying the cookies, peanut butter and pancakes!”

Kayleigh’s mum Clare Wookey, who is also a member of Lincolnshire ACF, introduced Kayleigh to sprint triathlon in the first instance and has encouraged her to reach her full potential in the sport ever since. Clare said: “I am so proud of what Kayleigh has achieved.  I understand the absolute commitment that she had made to the sport.  She lives, breaths and dreams triathlon.  Race day was tense as races always are but seeing her face beaming whilst she was competing made me realise that she was having the race of her life.  Kayleigh has set her future sights high.  She wants to race Elite next year and I now have the task of trying to find a long term sponsor.

“I am so grateful to the sponsors that have made this trip possible.  Kayleigh was determined to make them all proud and I think she has lived up to this.  To be the first Brit in her age group and to pre-qualify for Chicago was just icing on the cake for what has been an amazing triathlon year for us.  She has achieved so much in her short life and I know she has so much more there.  She will achieve her dreams and make Lincolnshire proud as she is a very determined 18 year old with oodles of talent.  We are also blessed to have fantastic support from our family and friends.”

After taking a short break post-competition, Kayleigh is set to return to Lincolnshire in early September.  She returns to Bourne Academy to complete her final year of A Levels.  She has also started to refine her training regime and planning for her races for next year.

The winter will also see Kayleigh try her hand at cross country to keep those fitness levels up.

If anyone would like to consider long term sponsorship of this young athlete please feel free to e-mail