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Employer Engagement is an important part of achieving Defence objectives. It is the main activity required to develop and sustain strong, positive, mutually-beneficial relationships between employers and the Ministry of Defence, to support Armed Forces personnel before, during and after their service.


The Ministry of Defence employer engagement programme aims to support the delivery of 35,000 effective and capable Reservists.

The strategic priority has been to secure and sustain access to and availability of the skilled, capable people needed to deliver Defence outputs.

Our activities work towards three principal objectives:

  • Raising awareness of Armed Forces personnel
  • Establishing new relationships with employers
  • Sustaining current relationships

East Midlands RFCA supports over 2200 Reservists and engages with over 3000 active employer contacts, providing information, guidance and advice on all matters relating to Defence personnel including:

  • How to develop a Reservist HR policy
  • Information on Reservists’ training obligations
  • The potential benefits of employing Reservists
  • Employers’ legal rights and responsibilities
  • Financial assistance when a Reservist employee is mobilised
  • Providing feedback comments to the MOD

For advice or information contact:

Bruce Spencer, East Midlands Regional Employer Engagement Director

Tel: 07834 031 986  Email: em-enquiries@rfca.mod.uk

Kirstie Lawrence, East Midlands Deputy Regional Employer Engagement Director

Tel: 0115 8383 210  Email: em-enquiries@rfca.mod.uk

Or for any general enquiries: em-enquiries@rfca.mod.uk

Employers: What's Going On?

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April 2nd 2024

Help, hire and thrive: Leading Forces advocates RecruitME practise what they preach

Service Leavers Howard Rudder and Chris Buck were as excited as they were nervous when they said goodbye to the security of employment to setup their own business in 2015.

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March 27th 2024

Award-winning vehicle workshop and training facility officially opens at Kingsway Army Reserve Centre

An Army Reserve base in Derby opened its doors to supporters at the weekend to celebrate the official opening of its multi-million-pound vehicle workshop and training facility.

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Jim Wright

February 16th 2024

‘Gold’ employer orchestrates mass Covenant signing in Northampton

A Northampton logistics firm has continued to show others the ‘Wright’ way to advocate for the Armed Forces as a leading holder of the Gold Employer Recognition Scheme Award.

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Representative from Toyota attend a live firing exercise with 210 Battery, 103 Regiment Royal Artillery

January 29th 2024

A beginner’s guide to the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme

A straight-talking guide answering some of the most popular questions about the Ministry of Defence’s Employer Recognition Scheme.

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September 11th 2023

Ex-Sea Cadet appointed MoD Employer Engagement Director for the East Midlands Kirstie Lawrence pictured at the 2022 ERS Gold Awards ceremony in the East Midlands.

Kirstie Lawrence has been appointed as the new Regional Employer Engagement Director (REED) for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the East Midlands.

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