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APRIL 15TH 2019

Skiing Success for East Midlands Cadets
7 Bde Ski Group

Earlier this year 100 members of the Army Cadet Force from across the East Midlands travelled to Italy for the first ever 7th Infantry Brigade ski trip.

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Cpl Dodsley and Cpl Clark

APRIL 15TH 2019

Nottinghamshire Reservists lift their way to the National Championships

Two Reservists from Nottinghamshire have qualified for a national powerlifting championship later this year.

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The students taking part in a command task

APRIL 8TH 2019

Boston students enjoy lesson in Army life

Sergeants not teachers were setting the lessons for students at Haven High Academy when they experienced the Army for the day.

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Victoria with her husband Kev and their children - Ben 15, Oscar 12 and Felix 8

MARCH 28TH 2019

Lincolnshire Mum in Royal Naval Reserve is Enjoying Best of Both Worlds

A mum-of-three from Lincolnshire has described how joining the Royal Naval Reserve has allowed her to pursue a life in the military whilst being a hands-on mum.

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MARCH 25TH 2019

‘I hope my child will learn never to give up’ – first-time mum lifts the lid on life in the Reserves
Suzanne, her fiancé Rob and their son Cameron

A new mother is encouraging other women to join the Royal Air Force Reserves as a way of developing new skills and improving their confidence.

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Mick Quainton3
20190403 National Arboretum
Consortio Secuirty accepting their award
Approaches varied between the teams
The participants were encouraged to help one another.
Oakham Medical practice collecting their Award
Discussing how to bridge the gap as they go
Securing the bottle during the final challenge
Some of the tasks had ropes which would allow the participants to wing across an obstacle
Lt Col Matt Ketterer gave presnetations about leadership
Karl Turner collecting the Award for Noble Electrical
Northamptonshire based employers
Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust were one of fourn NHS trust winners
Henmore Health with their Award
The event gave employers a chance to speak with and learn from serving members of the millitary
The final warm up
The final task involved pouring water into a canteen remotely
The command tasks were asessed by members of 162 Regiment, RLC.
CEO Carl Hughes of Hughes Driver Training
Leicestershire Community Health Services NHS Trust collecting their award
The boards needed re positioning in order to complete the challenge
Passing a board between two platforms during a command task
Leicestershire based winners
Carrying the weighted stretcher
Working together to safely position planks
Loughborough College was one of eight winners in Leicestershire
They needed to get through the cargo net quickly as a team.
ReACon intelligence sent their Managing Director to collect the Award
The object was to move the green ammo crate along the obstacle
J.Tomlinson collecting their Award
Reserves were there to asses and help the teams
Teams needed to work together to navigate the obstacles

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