East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (RFCA) helps to promote and support the Reserve Forces and Cadets across the region. The RFCA also facilitates the management of the Reserve and Cadet estate.


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JUNE 18TH 2019

Reserves Day announced
RAF Reserves in the market square

Planning has begun for Reserves Day 2019, with the annual celebration taking place on Wednesday 26th June.

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Andrew and Thomas together before Remembrance Sunday2

JUNE 14TH 2019

Nottingham Father’s pride in Navy connection with son

A Father from Nottingham has explained how his experiences in the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) and Sea Cadets has helped create a strong bond with his son.

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Cathy Thompson (left) and Rob Holland (right) with Blesma Member Martin Burns (centre).

JUNE 6TH 2019

Lincoln Cadet Quartermaster wins fundraiser of the year prize

A Cadet Quartermaster from Lincoln and his running partner have been named as fundraisers of the year by Blesma, the charity for limbless veterans.

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Derbyshire Army Cadets at the Pegasus Bridge Museum

JUNE 6TH 2019

Army Cadets honour D-Day Landings in France

Army Cadets from across the East Midlands have travelled to France in order to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.

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JUNE 3RD 2019

Kettering General Hospital signs Armed Forces Covenant
KGH Armed Forces Covenant Mark Smith Sue Newing Lt Col Speirs John Wilson Alan Burns Simon Weldon Peter Woolliscroft

Kettering General Hospital has signed a covenant pledging its support as an employer and health organisation to the Armed Forces.


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Sea Cadets and Royal Air Force Air Cadets assembled on the main deck of TS ORION
WO Warner3
CEO Carl Hughes of Hughes Driver Training
Spitfire single seat fighter aircraft
The black tie event had a wide varierty of employers
Guests had the opportunity to mingle before the Awards
Leicestershire Community Health Services NHS Trust collecting their award
The awards took place in Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire
Hurricane Fighter aircraft
Northamptonshire County Council were one of two County Councils awarded
The Physical Training Instructor was responsible for the final challenge
Lunch was served at the members only RAF club
Karl Turner collecting the Award for Noble Electrical
It was an early start for employers in the East Midlands
The event gave employers a chance to speak with and learn from serving members of the millitary
Supporting the planks made sure it was safe for the other participants
The final challenege required participants to work together and carry a stretcher around the course.
Lunch at the RAF Club in Picadilly
The boards needed re positioning in order to complete the challenge
Henmore Health with their Award
Engagement Director, John Wilson at the RAF Club in Piccadilly
Participants were divided into groups for the discussions on leadership
Leicestershire based winners
Representatives from Lindum Group collecting the Award
Rutland employers
ReACon intelligence sent their Managing Director to collect the Award
Inside the Battle of Britain Bunker
East Midlands employers at the Battle of Britain Bunker
Rutland County Council sent
Oakham Medical practice collecting their Award
Rushcliffe Borough Council were one of the councils that make up the Leicestershire Partnership
Palace of Westminster

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