April 15th 2024

Multi-million pound build will provide Lincolnshire Army Cadets with modern training space and help boost recruitment

Work to build a new Cadet training facility at Beckingham Camp is underway.

East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (East Midlands RFCA) has broken ground on a new Army Cadet training facility at Beckingham Camp, Lincolnshire.

The sustainable new-build will be a vast improvement on the current facilities, which are housed in an open-plan structure from the 1940s that is no longer fit-for-purpose.

Two sleeping blocks, amenities, storage space, more external training space and state-of-the-art ancillary buildings are included in the multi-million-pound expansion plans.

Construction of these modern facilities will create a dedicated training space for Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force (ACF), allowing them to organise more local training weekends in what will be a welcome boost to recruitment.

The facilities, due for completion in spring 2025, will also be available to other Cadets from around the country, providing wider benefit to many.

A party from East Midlands RFCA, Maber and Triton take part in the 'ground breaking' ceremony at Beckingham as work get underway.

A party from East Midlands RFCA, Lincolnshire ACF, Maber and Triton take part in the ‘ground breaking’ ceremony at Beckingham as work get underway.

Here to champion, support and enable

East Midlands RFCA exists to champion, support and enable Reserves and Cadets in the region. This project, which follows on from other major new builds at Sobraon Barracks in Lincoln and Kingsway Army Reserve Centre in Derby, is being funded by the British Army.

Stuart Williams, Chief Executive of East Midlands RFCA, said: “I am delighted that this project is coming to fruition as it will transform the experience for our amazing Cadets.

“This major new build at Beckingham will significantly improve the training of Cadets across Lincolnshire, and nationally too, providing modern, purpose-built facilities. It will be a real game-changer and will help to inspire other children and young people to join a youth organisation that provides opportunity and life skills.

“At a time when the Ministry of Defence is experiencing fiscal pressures, I am heartened by the pragmatic and most supportive approach taken by senior decision makers to continue with this significant investment in our Army Cadet Forces.”

The current training facility used by Lincolnshire Army Cadets at Beckingham Camp.

The current training facility used by Lincolnshire Army Cadets at Beckingham Camp.

Colonel Ian Sackree, Commandant of Lincolnshire ACF, added: “Whilst we have always had a small training facility within Beckingham Camp ring-fenced for our use, Lincolnshire ACF has not had access to a high-quality dedicated Cadet Training Centre like the many enjoyed by our peer ACF Counties.

“East Midlands RFCA has always been aware of the need to level-up here and has continued to work tirelessly on our behalf to deliver a facility that can help us drive forward our mission of creating fun and friendship for Lincolnshire’s young people and to give them the skills at a residential-level that can support them to excel as a UK citizen. I am so grateful to the hard work of East Midlands RFCA to get this project to this point.

“This facility will be a game-changer for every Lincolnshire ACF stakeholder, and will of course be available to support wider Cadet Forces and other appropriate users to ensure that best value is achieved from this investment.

“It yet again illustrates the value that the Ministry of Defence, and Army places on our Cadets, some of whom will go on to serve our nation’s Armed Forces. We cannot wait to see the project completed.”

Archaeologists are currently on site conducting surveys.

Archaeologists are currently on site conducting surveys.

Importance of sustainability

Sustainability will sit at the core of this net zero project. Sustainable materials, such as timber frames, recycled car tyres and a green roof, are part of plans for the self-heating buildings.

The new structures and connecting walkways will be also be elevated off the ground, making them appear to float. This is to protect the ridge and furrows, which are a rare form of farming dating back to Anglo Saxon times, underneath.

Architects Maber and contractors Triton Construction have been appointed to the project.

Nick Greenwood, Architectural Designer at Maber, said: “The driving design force behind the Beckingham Cadet Training Centre is limiting the impact on the natural environment and the historic site the facilities sit on.

A computer generated image of what the new Cadet facilities at Beckingham could look like.

A computer generated image of what the new Cadet facilities at Beckingham could look like.

“Minimising the training centre’s impact on the environment whilst preserving the site’s natural and historic setting has been challenging. However, it is these constraints that inspired our creative design approach. Our collaboration with the East Midlands RFCA, who are fully behind our innovative approach to sustainability, has been particularly rewarding.”

Paul Clarkson, Managing Director of Triton Construction, added: “We are extremely pleased to be awarded the construction of this highly sustainable building that will have minimal impact on, and sit discretely within its surroundings.

“We have been working with East Midlands RFCA and consultant teams for a number of months following the competitive tender that was concluded in the autumn to develop the affordable and sustainable proposals that we will now construct.

“We look forward to continuing this relationship and delivering a superb facility in 2025.”