Armed Forces Week and Reserves Day

Reserves Day is a chance to recognise and appreciate the integral part that Reservists play in the UK’s Defence capability. In 2022, Reserves Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 22nd June, as part of Armed Forces Week. The national event that would normally be held will not be possible this year, but locally, smaller events may be happening – for further details, visit the Armed Forces Day website.

More than 32,000 Reservists are committing their spare time, balancing their day jobs and family life with a military career, to be ready to serve should their country need them. Over 3,000 of these Reservists are based in the East Midlands.

To ensure that Reservists are understood and appreciated, the Ministry of Defence focuses on Reserves on their own day during Armed Forces Week, and encourages businesses to use this day to highlight the benefits of Reserve service to their workforce.

East Midlands RFCA will be sharing stories of local Reserves, Employers and Cadets on our social media sites, so be sure to follow us.