Why become a Reservist?

Reservists are men and women of many ages who volunteer to undertake Reserve Force training with the Royal Naval Reserve; Royal Marines Reserves; Army Reserve or Royal Air Force Reserve outside of their civilian career. The civilian career of a Reservist generally does not dictate the role they undertake within the Reserve Forces, apart from those involved in certain specialisations, such as the medical profession.  The number of Reserves is being increased, such that by 2018 there will be around 35,000 Reservists in the UK.

What do Reservists do?

Members of the Reserve Forces, enhance the Regular (full an operational demand requires it. Reservists can specialise in specific areas and the training they receive can complement their civilian career and personal development.

Are Reserve Forces essential?

Reservists are important as they form around 17% of the nation’s total defence capacity which in turn makes them an essential part of our Country strategy; this percentage will increase over the next few years. They are called upon as individuals for their specific skills or as ready Regular Forces when required.