University Units

Both the Army and the RAF is represented in the East Midlands by its own university officer training organisation. The East Midlands Universities Officer Training Corps (EMUOTC) and East Midlands Universities Air Squadron (EMUAS) are both based in Beeston, Nottingham but recruit from universities across the region.

Universities the units recruit from include: the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, Derby University, De Montfort University, Buxton, Leicester, Loughborough and Northampton. Recruitment takes place once a year from September to early October and membership is open to undergraduates who meet certain admission criteria. Members are paid at the standard service rate, with a tax-free bounty paid on the completion of each full year’s training. Each service offers broad military experience, adventurous training opportunities and a fantastic social life.

For further details about EMUOTC email or call 0115 9683820.

For more information about EMUAS email or call 01159 226340