Derbyshire ACF Annual Camp – Nescliffe 2017

Taking a leap
The assault course
The cadet family
Swing to it
Padre Peter Swales on his last Annual Camp speaks to the cadets
Blowing his own trumpet
A member of Derbyshire ACF band
Making progress
Derbyshire cadets
Out in the field
Making progress
Derbyshire cadets
Charlie Jo Harrison Smith has been named the next Lord Lieutenant Cadet. She's pictured here with Lord Lieutenant William Tucker and his wife Jill.
Full of hot air
A member of Derbyshire ACF band
Under canvas
The race for the canteen (possibly)
The Cadet RSM Harry Gardner
Charlie Jo Harrison Smith has been named the next Lord Lieutenant Cadet. She's pictured here with Lord Lieutenant William Tucker and his wife Jill.
..and move
Helping youngsters
Helping each other through the assault course
Heading in the right direction
Hanging in there
Going up
In the field
Getting higher
Fun in the water
Finding your way around Nesscliffe
Back onboard, with a little help
Fieldcraft training
Fieldcraft training (minus the rifles)
Explaining field exercises to dignitaries
Everyone had a splashing time
Enjoying the water activities
Enjoying the canoes
Enjoying sailing
Elevation time
Eagle company cadets
Eagle company after three days out in the field
Drumming up support with the Derbyshire ACF band
Dignitaries speak to cadets
Derbyshire Army Cadet Force cadets
Derbyshire Annual Camp 2017
Derbyshire ACF Commandant Chris Young
Teaching basic climbing
The ACF enjoyed some excellent weather at Annual Camp
The archers on target on the range
The assault course
The Chairman of the Army Cadet Force Association, General McDowell CBE, joined the band practice by playing the bagpipes
The fieldcraft display was watched by dignitaries
The importance of maintaining equipment
The indoor range
The paddleboarders on the water
Swinging into action
Swapping place
Sorting the kit
Showing the cadets how it's done
Serving up
Sailing with the ACF
Roll with it
RFCA Head of Finance Lucina Stone and Deputy Chief Executive Simon Worsley learn about the rifles on the VIP day
Returning from the field
Peter Ward (right) with members of the band
Practicing essential techniques
Practicing field craft
Practicing orienteering
Practicing shooting
Punching above their weight on the volleyball court
Reaching new heights
Ready for the water
Helping each other out
Ready to go
Over the wall
Out in the field
On the volleyball court
On the range
On the lake, in the sun
Oarsome fun
More climbing
Learning how to operate a gun
Learning new skills
Learning orienteering skills
Making friends at camp
Map reading skills
Messing about in boats
Monkey bars
Learning how to look after weapons
Learning about shooting
Leapfrog over the poles
Last year's Cadet Sergeant Major Laurance Pilkington returned to speak to dignitaries
Paddleboarding wasn't entirely easy
Krystianlee Richardson of Glossop detachment
Keeping balance
Keep down
Just hanging at Derbyshire ACF Annual Camp
Jerzy Hutchinson, 14, from Wirksworth detachment
Cadets going up the wall
Cadets keep active
Cadets on the march
Cadets support each other through the tasks
Concentrating on the assault course
Cooling down excercises after the assault course
Derbyshire ACF band practicing
Derbyshire ACF cadets
Like ducks to water...
Cadets are trained to ensure they know how to look after weapons
Cadet Sergeant Charlotte Gayle swings into action
Cadet Sergant Major Laurence Pilkington is pictured with a special reward from the Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire William Tucker after being the Lord Lieutenant Cadet for the past 12 months.
Back ashore
Atop the wall
As ever, the adult volunteers made it look easy
Archery skills
A helping hand
Adult volunteer Ian Powell is one of those recently trained to teach paddleboarding
Both real and fake animals joined cadets on the water
Adult volunteer Peter Ward teaches archery
Adult volunteers explain the range to cadets
A cadet talks about her experiences
Adult volunteers were on hand to pass on their expetise
A Company cadets
Adult volunter Taylor McDonald Webb oversees cadets on the indoor shooting range
All smiles after three days in the field
An elaborate handshake
A cadet in the field
Making waves
A cadet cleans his rifle
Working together to plan their next move
Where next
Weapons training
Warm up exercises (definitely not a dance off)
Waiting to climb the wall
The sailing was the most tranquil element on the lake
Volleyball action
Up and over
Trying out a new sport for the first time
Thumbs up for a new experience
There's only one way these are going...
There's only one way these are going...yep, down
There was plenty of volleyball skills on show
The water was (almost) warm
The paddleboarding proved a huge success