Executive Stretch, September 2016

Working together to complete a leadership activity
Working as a team to complete the task
Working as a team to complete the command task
Working as a team to climb on to the command task obstacle
TQ training team
Timing one of the activities
The University of Nottingham team
The University of Lincoln team
Testing leadership abilities
Teams discussed words that mean leadership to them
Team working was key to the outdoor tasks
Team work was key to each of the activities
Team work in progress
Team work in action
Team photo taken at Chilwell Barracks
Team leadership discussion
Taking part in a command task
Presenting the findings of a leadership discussion to the group
Outdoor activity briefing ahead of command task activity
One of the command task activities at Chilwell Barracks
Notts Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust team
Notts Fire and Rescue team
Leics Fire and Rescue team
Learning to build a bridge through the command task area
Learning leadership theory
Leading employers to Executive Stretch outdoor tasks
Leadership presentation
Leadership discussions happened in classrooms at Chilwell Barracks
Groups worked- together to navigate their way through the command tasks
Groups completed a variety of tasks throughout the event
Group discussed leadership as part of Exercise Stretch
Getting ready for outdoor activities
Explaining what the command task involves
Executive Stretch team photo
Employers worked together to complete each of the tasks
Employers worked as a team to complete a range of activities
Employers were divided in to groups to complete a range of command tasks
Employers used their leadership abilities to complete a command task activity
Employers listened to a leadership presentation during the event
Employers at Executive Stretch event
Each employer team presented their thoughts on what makes a good leader to the group
Creating a route across an elevated command task obstacle
Command task commences
Briefing teams on what activities lay ahead at Executive Stretch
Briefing attendees about outdoor activities
Analysing leadership responsibilities in a classroom discussion
Army personnel led discussions around leadership at the event
Asking questions about executive stretch outdoor tasks
Attendees take part in a leadership activity
Attendees took part in discussions around leadership and best practice in the workplace
Attendees watched and took part in leadership based presentations during exercise stretch
Attendees were pushed out of their comfort zones to complete activities
Beginning the command task