Exercise Future Leader – Chetwynd Barracks – 14 October 2017

Enjoying the day
Everyone got involved on the day
Exercise Future Leader
Exercise Future Leader's afternoon session starts
Hanging around Chetwynd Barracks
Heading in the right direction
Helping each other
High fives all round
Leading the way
More warm up techniques
Taking the lead
Alex Ridley
Pulling in the right direction
Employers had to take part in a very elaborate greeting as part of their warm up
Employees were put into groups and asked to complete tasks
Employees put their back in to the tasks and races
Employees danced in from around the East Midlands for the event
Completing the tasks took teamwork
Bridging the gap
Around 30 employees took part
All the tasks were designed to test leadership abilities and teamwork
All part of the warm up
A variation on the up and under race
A new angle on leadership training
A helping hand
Working out what to do next
Working out how to complete the task
Working out a solution
Working as a team
Warming up for the tasks
The up and under race
The teams had to work out how to overcome problems to transport a box
Ward Sisters Linda Knighton and Liz Campbell at Exercise Future Leader
The event is put on every year by 162 RLC
The employees were placed into teams for the command task
The day finished off with a few races
The aim of the course was to provide military training for employees who could be potential future managers within their organisations
The aim of leadership is to carry your team to the goal
Swinging in to action
Reservists passing on their knowledge
Reservists from 162 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps were on hand to pass on their knowledge
Ready to go
Reaching the top