Future Leader 2018

Participants were divided into groups for the discussions on leadership
Major Llloyd Hankins speaking with one of the participants
The event was a good opportunity for the employers to speak with Reservists and better understand what they do.
Approaches varied between the teams
Balancing carefully to get across the obstacle
The command tasks were asessed by members of 162 Regiment, RLC.
The command task area has a variety of obstacle based challenges
The boards needed re positioning in order to complete the challenge
Teams needed to work together to navigate the obstacles
Teams needed to work together to bridge the gap with the resources they were given.
Teams needed to think outside the box to complete some of the tasks
Teams needed to make sure the route was safe for others
Supporting the planks made sure it was safe for the other participants
Some of the tasks had ropes which would allow the participants to wing across an obstacle
Reserves were there to asses and help the teams
Planks needed to be positioned carefully
The participants were encouraged to help one another.
The object was to move the green ammo crate along the obstacle
They could only touch the green parts of the course and there was a limit to the number of people on each piece of equipment
They needed to help each other through the tasks
Working together to safely position planks
They needed to work together in order to make the route safe.
They needed to tie planks together in order to make them onlg enough to get down from the objects
Discussing how to bridge the gap as they go
Carrying the weighted stretcher
Being briefed ahead of the final challenge
Participants started the final challenge by racing down a hill
The final challenege required participants to work together and carry a stretcher around the course.
The final challenge was a race against the clock
The final warm up tested participants memory as well as being fun.
The final warm up
The Physical Training Instructor was responsible for the final challenge
The warm up was a fun little challenege that acted as an ice breaker too
They needed to get through the cargo net quickly as a team.