HMS Sherwood and 350 Field Squadron (EOD) Carol Service and Annual Awards Ceremony

Queuing up for food.
Talking to the chefs about the food.
Socialising with friends and families.
Relaxing after the awards ceremony.
Christmas has come to the mess.
The crowd gathers in the mess.
Hats on pegs outside the mess.
Discussing the ceremony.
Having a chat after the ceremony.
Socialising in the mess afterwards.
Enjoying a bite to eat after the awards.
Enjoying the buffet.
Preparing for one last song.
All of the HMS Sherwood Award Winners.
WO1 Sean Jones with the Commanding Officer's Award.
Sub Lieutenant Griffiths with the Gilbert Towle Sword
Able Seaman Tristan King with The Sherwood Shield.
Recruit Michelle Rowlands with The Hall Trophy.
The first reading of the night.
The crowd getting ready to sing.
WO1 Sean Jones receiving his award.
SLT Griffiths being presented with the Gilbert Towle Sword.
AB King accepting his award.
Recruit Michelle Rowlands receiving her award.
Announcing the winners.
The Awards ready to be given out.
Listening intently to the Chaplain.
350 singing Christmas carols
Commander Noble discussing what HMS Sherwood has achieved in the last year.
Presenting a long service medal
Major Hirst explaining the unit's achievements.
Singing Christmas carols.
Singing along.
Delivering a reading to the crowd.
Commander Rob Noble makes his opening remarks.
Chaplains preparing for the service
Officers preparing for the ceremony
The Christmas tree in the mess.
Having a mince pie and a chat
Serving mulled wine in the mess.
The attendees gathered in the mess beforehand.
Talking to the Chaplain before the service.