Leicester Hospitals Trust enjoy a team-building day with 203 (Loughborough) Squadron

Working together to construct a shelter
Working together as part of the team exercise
Working as a team to look for hazards in the field
UHL staff member tries on gas mask
UHL staff asking questions about Army vehicles
UHL employee trying on Army kit
Trying on Army uniform during the employer engagement event
Team challenge
Staff had a chance to sit inside various Army vehicles
Staff from UHL use radio equipment
Staff from UHL tried on gas masks at the event
Staff from UHL helped a fictional casualty as part of a team based exercise
Staff from UHL got to try on Army equipment during the event
Sitting inside one of the Army vehicles
Reservists were on hand during the event to explain more about the different types of weapons used by the Army
Representatives from 203 Sqn with staff from the University Hospitals of Leicester
Learning to build a shelter
Learning how to use binoculars to look for hazards
Learning about vehicles used by the Armed Forces
Learning about Army weapons
Cooking in the field
Colleagues from UHL sit inside an Army vehicle
Colleagues from UHL got to try on Army kit and equipment
Captain Ben Wing
Captain Ben Wing explains how Army equipment can be used on operations
Captain Ben Wing explained how Army kit can be worn on operations
Attendees got to see a demonstration of Army kit
Attendees are briefed ahead of team exercise at Kendrew Barracks
Army vehicles were on display during the employer event
Army vehicles on display
Army vehicle on display
Army vehicle on display during the event
Army vehicle on display at Kendrew Barracks
Army equipment on display
A range of weapons were on display during the employer event