LNR Army Cadet Force Annual Camp Visitor’s Day

All the cadets were issued LNR bags
Cadets speaking with Colonel Ian Sackree
Archery on the range
Lining up a shot on the range
Abseiling down the climbing wall
Adult volunteers also shared thier stories with the visitors
A senior cadet helping another get untangled after the abseiling
Watching the cadets on the climbing wall
After the abseil
Visitor's day was a chance for VIPs to learn more about the cadet experience
Several of the visitors were from military units affiliated to LNR
Clay pigeon shooting with One Star cadets
An instructor guiding a cadet on how to use a shotgun
After the clay pigeon shooting
An instructor explained the adventure training opportunities in the ACF
Coming back to shore
Having a paddle about the lake
Cadets learnign how to handle thier kayaks
Overseeing the cadets swim test
All smiles returning from the swimming test
The PR Cadets interviewing the Honorary Colonel Richard Everard
Speaking with cadets during their fieldcraft exercise
Helping each other clean their rifles
Cleaning rifles at the end of the exercise+
Cleaning rifles after lunch
A PI enjoys his lunch during a fieldcraft exercise
RSMI Ellis speaking with Northamptonshire Chairman Robert Blomfield
Honorary Colonel Richard Everard speaking with cadets during the AT
A lesson in the field while waiting for the range
Section attacks with water pistols
Training with water pistols while waiting for the range
Trying different positions on the range
Cadets on the range
Visitors were shown the electronic target system
Completing puzzles near the range