LNR and Lincolnshire ACF Annual Camps

Looking up
Hanging in there
Getting a close look at a tank
Cadets learn from the best
Which way
What's next
Visiting tanks
Trying out new things
Thumbs up for Lincs ACF
There's plenty of opportunities for adventure
Ready to climb with Lincs ACF
Ready for climbing
Reaching new heights
Reach for the sky
Meeting 32 Engineer Regiment
Parading at Lincs ACF's summer camp
Lincs cadet taking part in tug of war
Lincs ACF tug of war activity
Lincs ACF cadet enjoys summer camp
Cadets on parade at Lincs ACF's summer camp
Under canvas at Lincs ACF's summer camp
Taking part in archery at Lincs ACF's summer camp
Reaching new heights at Lincs ACF's summer camp
Lincs cadets enjoying summer camp
Lincs ACF cadets taking part in a shooting exercise
Lincs ACF cadets prepare for adventure training
Lincs ACF cadet on the climbing wall
Lincs ACF cadet during an adventure training activity
In the field at Lincs ACF's summer camp
Training underway at Lincs ACf's summer camp
Lincs ACf cadets on parade at Wathgill Camp
Lincs ACF cadets during annual camp
Being instructed at Lincs ACf's summer camp
Wind in the sails of LNR at Pirbright
Thumbs up for LNR ACF Annual Camp
In the Cave Bus with LNR
LNR ACF on their bikes
Heading for a dip at LNR ACF Annual Camp
Dignitaries at Pirbright try archery
LNR ACF on the water
LNR ACF camp pic
LNR ACF camp 2
Heading in
A hard earned rest for LNR ACF cadets
A cadet being interviewed by LNR ACF's PR team
LNR ACF cadets
Planning the next move. LNR ACF
Out on exercise at Pirbright
On the range with LNR ACF
LNR ACF cadet abseiling
The dignitaries visit LNR ACF
Ready for Lincs ACF Annual Camp in Northumberland
A Lincs ACF cadet
All smiles at Lincs ACF Annual Camp in Wathgill
Ready for a week of adventure with Lincs ACF
Arriving at Annual Camp
Ready to go
Lining up for Lincs ACF
Marching into camp at Wathgill
Lincs ACF on the range
Lincs ACF Annual Camp
With the Lincs ACF back packs on
Ready to go with Lincs ACF
Standing in line
Lincs ACF cadet
Cameras at the ready for Lincs ACF