Mission Training and Mobilisation Centre (MTMC) day for employers. 7/7/17

The RODET in action
Teaching an employer how to use the lazer rifles
Last instructions before being turned in the RODET
Instructions on the range
In the driving seat of the RODET
What would you do in this situation
Upside down in the RODET
The emmployers that attended
The driver's seat of the RODET
Taking part on the lazer shooting range
Showing techniques on a minefield
Showing employers how its done
Serving up a curry to finish
Safety briefing
Rocking the RODET
Regional Employer Engagement Director, John Wilson OBE, takes to the stage
Getting ready for the RODET
Deputy Commander of 7 Brigade, Colonel Stuart Williams, addresses the event
Ready to roll in the RODET
Putting the skills to good use
Passing on skills to employers
Over 50 people attended the event
One of the stands saw employers learn First Aid techniques
Lt Col Mike Cooke MBE, commanding officer of MTMC
Roll Over Drills Egress Trainer (RODET)
On a roll in the RODET
Cameras let those that didn't want to be upside down see how the employers reacted
Monitoring inside the RODET
Look closely through the window and you can see the RODET operator's head
Learning how to use the lazer rifles
Learning about military equipment
Hanging 90 degrees
Explaining how to get through a minefield
First aid training
Explaining how to get out of an upside down vehicle
Employers shaken but not stirred
Employers replicate Army first aid techniques
Employers hitting the target
Employers get ready to be put in a spin
Emerging from the RODET
Colonel Stuart Williams explained to the event about what 7 Brigade does
At the first aid stand
As well as Army skills, acting skills were also on show
Army Reserves pass on their knowledge
An employer takes aim
Instrcutions on how to use the lazer range
A reservist passes on her knowledge
A first aid scenario
A demonstration on equipment