Royal Naval Reserve

Sam Martin in her Royal Naval Reserve uniform at Chetwynd Barracks, Nottingham where she works as a Civil Servant
Reservist Rob Jones with his line manager Tracy Litherland
Lattrice Davis
Lattrice Davis outside HMS Sherwood in Nottingham
Sub-Lieutenant Phil Lewin wearing his Navy uniform to work at Rolls-Royce
RFA Lyme Bay
Richard Cooke outside Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust headquarters
Martin Clegg with new Commanding Officer Rob Noble at HMS Sherwood
Rob Noble_HMS Sherwood
HMS Sherwood Reservists in Snowdonia_1
Martin Clegg, former Commanding Officer of HMS Sherwood
Hattie in Canada_HMS Sherwood
Uniform to work day_Chris Cotterill_HMS Sherwood_with his employer at Central Laundry
HMS Sherwood Rededication Parade
Simon Elmore HMS Sherwood
Jonathan Browne, HMS Sherwood
Members of HMS Sherwood take part in a rededication parade
Royal Naval Reservist Diver at the Controls of a Transfer Under Pressure Module
HMS Sherwood outside their new training building
HMS Sherwood parade at their new home
HMS Sherwood on parade
HMS Sherwood Rededication Parade in Chilwell
HMS Sherwood Rededication Parade
HMS Sherwood Rededication
HMS Sherwood Rededication event
HMS Sherwood Rededication Parade April 2014
HMS Sherwood Reservists on parade
HMS Sherwood Reservists
HMS Sherwood Reservists during the event
Snowdonia September 2013 HMS Sherwood
Royal Navy Staff Coordinate Firefighting Teams During an Exercise
Derek Parsons and his partner Nicky HMS Sherwood
Natasha Rook HMS Sherwood
Jemma Griffiths with HMS Sherwood's Commanding Officer, Rob Noble
Hattie Jacques, HMS Sherwood
Richard Cooke, HMS Sherwood