July 2nd 2013

Become an intelligence Reservist

Do you want to do something worthwhile with your spare time? Do you have an interest in becoming a member of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force? If so, make sure you visit the Royal Air Force Reserve Area at Waddington International Air Show next weekend (6 and 7 July).

This year the Royal Air Force (RAF) Reserve Area will be bigger than ever before at the Air Show meaning that attendees who are interested in becoming a member of the Intelligence Reserve Unit can get more information, speak to others who are already involved and ask any questions they may have about what it means to become a Reservist in Lincolnshire.
Jan Burton, Squadron Leader at the Intelligence Reserves Head Quarters in Lincolnshire, said: “A team of dedicated Reserve Recruiting Staff will be based in their very own ‘outreach trailer’ at the event and will be available to speak with anyone wishing to know more about becoming a Reservist.
“The Intelligence Squadron is now recruiting and we are keen to speak to anyone at the air show who would like to learn more about what we do and how they could potentially get involved.”
Air show attendees will have the opportunity to speak first hand with Reservists; discovering what it means to serve in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, learn more about the training they have undergone and the skills they have acquired.
People will also have the chance to converse with a Reservist who has been ‘mobilised’ and served in a conflict area to help them to understand the different locations our Reserve Forces could be required to serve in, and how training received can have a positive impact on their civilian life.
The RAF Reserve Area can be located at the air show by viewing the event programme under military displays.
Waddington International Air Show is set to take place on 6 and 7 July 2013.