July 16th 2013

Cadets and Adult Volunteers from Lincolnshire ACF swim the Channel

A team of adult volunteers and Cadets from Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) braved the cold seas as they swam the English Channel yesterday (Monday 15 July), with a second team waiting to be called forward soon.

The swimmers, who are aged between 17 and 44 years, have been swimming up to 17,000 metres per week as part of their vigorous training schedule, to be up to this challenge.

Cadet Corporal Kayleigh Adams, aged 17 years, one of the swimmers who took part in the challenge, said: “We had three training weekends in Dover where we swam in the sea during daylight and at night alongside a support boat. The temperature of the water was something we have had to get used to as sometimes it was as low as 6.4 degrees.

“We are all keen swimmers but had to focus on pool endurance and personal swimming techniques closely over the past few months to get ourselves ready to go. Training officially started in November 2012, although that increased over recent weeks.”

This was the first open water event that the adult volunteers and cadets had taken part in, but each were excited about completing the exercise as it had pushed them to train outside of their normal comfort zones.

Simon Worsley, Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Cadets and Youth at East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (RFCA), said: “To prepare a team of young people and adult volunteers to swim the Channel is impressive, to prepare two teams is exceptional.  These swims were the result of hard work and meticulous planning over many months by adult volunteers and cadets and is an example of the Army Cadet Force at its best – giving young people the opportunities to excel.”

The second team of keen cadets and adults are waiting to be called forward to swim the Channel in a few weeks.

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