November 28th 2013

Dedicated to his role

Encouraging development, progression and thinking on your feet are important factors of being an Army Cadet Force Officer (ACF) as a father of one from Bourne in Lincolnshire explains.

Nick Clare, aged 42 years, joined the ACF around five years ago and has since progressed in this youth organisation to become an Officer meaning he leads, manages and inspires Cadets and adult volunteers as well as organising a range of activities.

On a day to day basis, Nick is a Quality Engineer at Cummins Generator Technologies, an American company that encourages a can do attitude among its employees. Nick said: “There are a lot of elements of my day job that mirror my ACF role. At Cummins I am encouraged to put the customer first and think about what we as a company can do to provide the best possible service. In the ACF I put the cadets first, planning how they can develop their skills as well as keeping in mind what they enjoy doing during their parade evenings or weekends away from home.

“I’m currently the Training Officer at 2 Squadron in Lincolnshire, one of four companies that make up the county’s ACF. I take my role seriously and try wherever possible to look at effective working practises, if plans can be improved, as well as considering all of the cadets and adult volunteers’ training needs.”

Aside from his ACF commitments Nick has a 7 year-old daughter who he tries to spend as much time with as possible. Nick continued: “My time management has to be good as I have to dedicate myself to every element of my professional career, my ACF role and being a Dad. You can put as much time in to the ACF as you would like to but I always believe the more you put in to something your passionate about the more you get from the experience personally.

Best Detachment in 2012 – Market Deeping“If I was to describe some of my proudest ACF moments I would say leading Market Deeping Detachment to win the ‘Best Detachment in Lincolnshire ACF’ award this year and the ‘Most Improved Detachment’ prior to that in 2012. I was asked to take on our Squadron Training Officer role after winning the most recent award as well as just taking over as Second-in-Command.”

Outside of cadets, Nick also enjoys exploring the British countryside.

If you are interested in finding out more about being an ACF adult volunteer or ACF Officer contact Lincolnshire ACF on 01522 528 109.