August 20th 2013

Engaging with youth parliament

East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association’s (RFCA) Head of Cadets and Youth, Simon Worsley, has met with a Youth Parliament representative to discuss the role of Cadet organisations in the community.

Engaging with local people is key to increasing both understanding and interest in Cadet organisations such as the Sea Cadet Corps, the Army Cadet Force and Air Cadet Corps so the RFCA was keen to speak to Curtis Wealthall, aged 17 years, a representative from the Youth Parliament at the earliest opportunity.
Simon Worsley, Head of Cadets and Youth and Deputy Chief Executive at East Midlands RFCA, said: “The East Midlands RFCA plays a large role in executing the Ministry of Defence’s youth policy across the region. Primarily this is focused on the Cadet movement but we do try to engage, where possible, with other voluntary organisations as well.
“Speaking to Curtis was both interesting and informative. I think having dialogue with youth groups such as the Youth Parliament helps me to gain an insight into the challenges facing young people today.”
Curtis Wealthall said: “I am interested in the military and would like to learn more about it. I am on the Youth Parliament committee and am researching activities outside of school such as cadets. I was pleased to be able to attend a meeting today and found it most helpful in improving my understanding of the cadet organisations locally.”
The meeting took place on 20 August 2013 at the RFCA office on Triumph Road in Nottingham.