October 10th 2013

Joining forces in Ollerton and Worksop

Two Ollerton and Worksop based schools are joining forces to set up a new school based cadet unit.

The Dukeries Academy in Ollerton is working with Worksop College in Worksop, to set up a Combined Cadet Force (Army) unit for the Academy, as part of the Government’s Schools’ Cadet Expansion Programme.The aim of the programme is to have an additional 100 cadet units in state-funded schools in England by 2015

Worksop College, which already has a CCF unit and has been involved with the CCF movement since the 1900s, will mentor teachers, volunteers and students from The Dukeries until the new detachment is ready to go it alone.

Kevin Dukes, Assistant Principal at the Dukeries Academy has been helping to set up the new detachment. He said: “We decided we wanted to set up a new cadet unit for our students to support their academic learning with other sports, adventure and team based activities. Students involved will have the opportunity to develop their teamwork, resilience and leadership skills as well as developing their self-confidence and making new friends.

“Cadet activities include drill, field craft and navigation.  A number of teachers and other adult volunteers will be running the unit on a week to week basis although the Principal will have overall responsibility for how the unit operates once independent status has been attained after the partnership period with Worksop College.

“We are all looking forward to getting started and developing our unit over the forthcoming months.”

Schools that have set up cadet units in other parts of England have seen significant benefits for their young people, their schools and the local community.
Gavin Horgan, Headmaster at Worksop College, said: “We are very excited to be working with The Dukeries Academy on this initiative: Combined Cadet Force (CCF) offers an extremely rewarding experience for students at Worksop College – our pupils have long benefitted from the leadership and life challenges presented to them by the CCF and we are sure that students at The Dukeries Academy will benefit enormously from the opportunities it offers them.”

Group Captain Nick Sharpe, Chief Executive at East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (RFCA), said: “The Prime Minister’s initiative to increase the number of cadet units in the nation’s schools clearly recognises the benefits that being a member of the cadet forces brings, not just to the individual, but to their school and their community.  The range of activities that membership of the cadets brings is simply not available elsewhere and builds the confidence and capability of all those who participate.

“The RFCA is extremely grateful to those schools who have taken up the challenge of establishing a cadet unit and looks forward to working with them to ensure that students gain as much as possible from their membership.”

The first parade for Dukeries Academy pupils took place at Worksop College on 6 September 2013.