April 23rd 2013

Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force to swim the English Channel

A group of four Army Cadets and four Adults from Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force braved the freezing cold waters of Whisby Lake on a cold windy Wednesday afternoon in April.

This was part of the organised training to acclimatise themselves ready for the gruelling cross channel swim that they are undertaking in late July, early August this year. This is not just the distance in the pool but the real thing from Dover to Calais. Well if David Walliams can do it why can’t Lincolnshire Army Cadets!!!

Training started well before Christmas 2012 in the swimming pool where all team members have worked hard on improving their swim technique but the reality of the mamouth task ahead is starting to sink in as the swims are now taking place outdoors. The first session was at Whisby Lake in temperatures of approximately 6 degrees with only a wet suit and swimming hat to keep them warm.

The first of the open water sea swims is due to take place at Dover over the bank holiday weekend in early May when hopefully the water will be a little warmer. After then it will be as much training as possible in the lakes of Lincolnshire and the East coast waters around Skegness!

There are 4 cadets and two adults in the team with two adult reserves, they will each spend an hour in the water at a time and rotate round until they reach France! Although they are practising in a wet suit, the swim itself does not allow one and just swimming costumes/speedos are to be worn.