October 2nd 2013

Lincolnshire Cadet spends time at a Mexican orphanage

Abby Wiggins, aged 16 years, is a member of Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) and was recently selected by her Detachment Commander to take part in a prestigious trip to Mexico, known as Exercise Lion Cub Eagle, in which only 14 people from the ACF and Combined Cadet Force (CCF) from across the United Kingdom could participate.

During the groups visit their main tasks at the orphanage consisted of a general tidy up and child proofing of the area, building a sturdy outdoor fence and outdoor play area attached to the side of the nursery along with painting Winnie the Pooh characters and flowers on the walls and painting a crowd and a football target game on the wall next to the games pitch. The cadets also got the opportunity to build a giant Jenga set for the children to play with.

Alongside, these projects the group took time out to interact with the orphans helping them to learn English and cooking for them to demonstrate what British food tastes like.

Abby said: “One of the reasons why the orphanage was desperate for our help was because it was not a government orphanage.  This meant it got no funding, and all of its money was supplied from them having to sell on donated clothes and charity donations.
“The orphans themselves were amazing, and it was a privilege to be able to meet them. They came from a mixture of backgrounds: physical and sexual abuse, neglect, death of their parents or their parents just not being capable to look after them. Despite this, they were all so happy, and the way the orphanage was run was just like a family.”
Abby explained that she felt a mixture of anticipation and hope when she knew she could get the opportunity to take part in this expedition. She continued: “Exercise Lion Cub Eagle was truly a brilliant trip in terms of what I saw, the fun I had, the friends I made and the experience of being at the orphanage which I would definitely count as life changing.  I’m really proud of our achievements.”
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