June 13th 2013

Local employers visit Waddington Air Show

East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (RFCA) will be hosting a number of local employers, many of which employ Reservists, at the Waddington Air Show in July.

The day has been organised to thank them for the support they have provided to their Reservist employees who have been mobilized to serve with their regular counterparts as well as demonstrating an understanding towards those who have to attend specialised training days.
The Reserve Forces provide a significant contribution to the county’s defence commitment and it is important, not just to the country, but also to the individual and their unit that they are supported by their employer.
Lieutenant Colonel Ron Gatepain, Chairman of the Lincolnshire Committee of the RFCA, helped to organise the excursion and will be hosting the employers on the day. He said:  “Reservists rely on the good will and support of their employers which enables them to support the country so it is fitting that the contribution they make is recognised by us”.
A number of employers from around Lincolnshire who currently have Reservists serving with the regulars in Afghanistan were selected.
Lieutenant Colonel Gatepain continued: “Employing Reservists does bring employers a number of benefits such as access to training and the acquisition of transferable skills. Employers are also compensated for any additional expenses which they may incur.”
The Waddington Air Show is taking place on the 6 and 7 July 2013. To find out more visit