July 2nd 2013

Looking for future leaders

A number of potential Army Cadet Force (ACF) Officers are joining fellow adult volunteers and current ACF Officers at Naesby Battlefield Area to learn about how future training opportunities could benefit them in their future careers.

A strong cohort of young, vibrant and committed young officers is fundamental to the long-term future of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland (LNR) ACF and effective succession planning.
There needs to be the right number of adults, in the correct rank, fulfilling the appropriate appointments with the necessary attitude, skills and knowledge adhering to the safe system of training whilst complying with the mandated Safeguarding measures. With this in mind, a special ‘training day’ has been organised to seek out future talent within LNR ACF to ensure that they have a number of potential future commissioned leaders.
The day, that will take place on Saturday 13 July, will be broken down into four parts: Why LNR need to improve its officer manning; an understanding of the commissioning process; bonding by working in teams over a Battlefield Study; followed by socialising and team building over supper at the home of the Honorary Colonel Richard Everard.
LNR ACF’s Commandant Nick Turner said: “I’m looking forward to delivering this special event that will see a range of both commissioned and non-commissioned young officers come together to share ideas and learning in a relaxed environment. We need to identify, recruit and commission individuals who are both internal and external to our organisation in order to improve the amount of young officers we have at the moment, and encourage them to lead the service forward over future years as they climb through the ranks.
“We currently have a significant shortage of officers within LNR ACF. This could be for a number of reasons but the idea of the event at Naseby is to bring bright, talented individuals together to identify what they hope to get out of being involved in the ACF and how we can help them to achieve their career goals through training and internal tuition.”
Approximately 30 people will attend the activity day, which it is hoped will be the first of a number of events of its kind.
To find out more about getting involved in LNR ACF as a Cadet or adult volunteer visit