November 1st 2013

Male Nursery Nurse: “I’m proud to be a Reservist”

A male Nursery Nurse, from Derby, who is part of the Army Reserve’s 222 Medical Squadron, based in Leicester and Derby, has spoken out for the first time about how he is proud to be a Reservist.

Corporal Clint Chapman, aged 35 years, is a Combat Medical Technician in his Reserve role and works at Earlybirds Day nursery based in Creswell Derbyshire in his day to day life.

Clint’s civilian employer has supported his military commitments throughout his time in the Army Reserve, allowing him to have time off to take part in annual camp for two weeks each year and other training activities, when needed, as well as allowing him to have prolonged leave to be able to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan.

In his day job Clint’s duties involve looking after children aged from 3 months and providing a safe and caring environment for children from a range of backgrounds.

Clint said: “Having a second career challenges you in different ways. Learning new skills on a continuous basis stops you feeling ‘stale’ and keeps everything feeling fresh in both jobs.

“I’m really proud to be a part of the Reserves. Since joining the service in June 2000 I have completed a lot of training courses including my Combat Medical Technician Course to the highest level. I am also a Weapons Instructor and the Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Instructor for the Derby Detachment of 222 Medical Squadron.

“Being in the Reserves can be a challenge at times trying to juggle family life, a baby and a regular day job but I’m so pleased I joined. My family have been really supportive from day one. I initially got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to join what was the TA. I said yes as I wanted to do something that would challenge me in my spare time and keep me busy. I’ve not looked back since and am always trying to improve myself as a Combat Medical Technician so that I am fit and ready to deploy on operations if required.”

Clint completed a tour of Afghanistan in May 2009. His military role involves providing training for members of 222 Medical Squadron and helping to prepare individuals to support the regular Army on operations.

To find out more about 222 Medical Squadron contact Warrant Officer Class 2 Partridge on 0116 2703342 or 07747008552