June 15th 2018

Proud father supports son’s military career

Ahead of Father’s Day (Sunday 17 June) a reservist from 101 Military Working Dog Squadron, based in North Luffenham, Rutland, has described why he has more in common with his son now than ever before.

Father’s Day is held on the third Sunday of June each year and is all about celebrating fathers, grandfathers and father figures.

Below Reservist Private Ricky Rasmussen explains why fatherhood has been a fantastic experience and has allowed him to not only bring up a son he is proud of but also develop a friendship with him too.

Father and son during training

Father and son during training

When did you join the Military Working Dogs Regiment and why?

“As a dual national, I initially did my national service for the Danish Army in the late 1980s in an anti-tank troop within an infantry regiment for two years and later became a reservist before moving to the UK.

“I then concentrated on my civilian career for a number of years but when I saw the opportunity to become a reservist with the Military Working Dog Regiment, I quickly seized the opportunity to join. I enjoy being a part of the unit because of the skills I can learn, the opportunity to work with military dogs and the special bond everyone develops.”

Why did you recommend joining the military to your Son Isaac?

“The knowledge, skill and experience within the unit across all ranks from those who have previously served full-time to experienced reservists is incredible. It’s really the fact that I have enjoyed my experiences so much that made me recommend joining to my eldest son Isaac who has had previous military experience.”

How has your relationship with Isaac benefited from you both serving alongside each other as reservists?

“Isaac and I previously competed for the same athletics club and we even used to train together during the ‘off-season’. Isaac has always been great at sport and when he was 14-years-old ran 100m in just 11 seconds and 200m in 23 seconds which propelled him onto a specialist programme for upcoming young athletes.

“The programme combined training with academic development but after a year Isaac told me that he had made the decision to join the Royal Marines. He started the joining process when he was 16 and has since travelled all over the world completing both training exercises and deployments.

“After completing almost five years with the Marines he decided he wanted to try something new. After leaving the military full-time, he decided to become a reservist and now serves alongside me in the Military Working Dogs unit in Rutland.

“We have always been close but working together as reservists has been fantastic as we are continuing to develop our friendship and meet new people along the way.”

Do you have any highlights of your time at the unit in Rutland?

“We have just spent a very enjoyable training weekend together with colleagues at the unit. I feel lucky to be able to do something so interesting whilst spending time with my eldest son. I look forward to many more good days to come, and would recommend joining the unit to anyone who enjoys a challenge as well as working with animals.”

For further information on joining the Army Reserve including 1st Military Working Dog Regiment visit the British Army website at:, search ‘Army Jobs’  or phone: 0345 600 8080.

"It’s really the fact that I have enjoyed my experiences so much that made me recommend joining to my eldest son Isaac who has had previous military experience.”