September 18th 2013

Providing first aid assistance on Mount Snowdon

A number of Reservists from HMS Sherwood, Nottingham’s only Royal Naval Reserve unit, provided vital first aid for a fellow walker whilst descending Mount Snowdon.

The group, made up of ten Reservists, included experienced hikers and novices, of various ages, and all worked together to tackle some of highest peaks in both England and Wales in the face of wind, rain and hail.

During the team’s descent from Mount Snowdon they noticed a fellow walker in another group who had slipped and fallen heavily in the dreadful conditions. Acting quickly, the team made their away towards the injured person moments after he took a tumble to check if he had broken any bones or needed any further help.


The man had cut his knee but had thankfully not broken any bones. The Reservists provided basic first aid and reassurance to the individual before helping him back on his feet to rejoin his walking group.

The adventurous training weekend is an essential element of Royal Naval Reserve continuation training and gives the Reservists the opportunity to develop their leadership and team skills, maintain fitness levels and refine map reading and navigation abilities in physically demanding and mentally challenging conditions.

The team had high spirits throughout the weekend and were pleased with their achievements at the end of their climb.

Able Seaman Richard Cooke, from HMS Sherwood, said “I was really pleased to have climbed Snowdon and the difficult conditions made our ascent even more special. Our training and team spirit certainly paid off and the fact that we were able to provide first aid assistance and re-assurance to a fellow walker was great too.”

The Royal Naval Reserve provides numerous opportunities for individuals to develop leadership and team abilities; adventure training is but one.

The group visited Snowdonia in Wales from 6 to 8 September 2013.

If you would like to find out more about HMS Sherwood or are interested in joining the unit as a Reservist please email or call 0115 929 6373.