June 26th 2013

Taking Uniform to Work Day aboard

A Reservist who travels regularly between Lincolnshire and Malta has decided to raise awareness about the good works our Reserve Armed Forces do at home and aboard by wearing his uniform to work in Malta.


Intelligence Officer Jon Knight, who is originally from Berkshire, is the British Deputy High Commissioner in Malta, but travels back to the UK on a monthly basis to train with 7006 Squadron, part of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force Intelligence Unit.

Jon, who is 29 years, is dedicated to being a Reservist and feels privileged to be able to have both a civilian and military career.

Jon explained: “The military and the Foreign Office, where I work as a diplomat, work very closely together so it was natural for me to become a Reservist particularly after serving two years in the regular RAF. This is the first year I have taken part in Uniform to Work Day and I decided to do so on this occasion to raise awareness about the good work our Reserve and Regular forces do at home and aboard.

“There are a lot of former RAF personnel living on the island and historically Malta has had a strong relationship with those in the British Armed Forces, particularly the RAF. Both the Foreign Office and the Maltese Government are very supportive of my position as a Reservist and are happy for me to wear my British military uniform into the office as part of Uniform to Work Day. A Reserve Forces Champion has also just been appointed within the Foreign Office to make sure the small number of Reservists who work for the organisation are represented at every possible opportunity.”

Jan Burton, Squadron Leader, Head Quarters Royal Auxiliary Air Force Intelligence Component based in Waddington, Lincolnshire said: “Jon shows continuous dedication and passion for his role as a Reservist and this is demonstrated through his monthly travel from Malta to Lincolnshire.

“RAF Intelligence Reservists work alongside regular RAF personnel, in the UK and on overseas operations, bringing their commitment and team spirit wherever they serve. Jon joined the Royal Auxiliary Air Force Intelligence Unit in 2010 and I’m delighted that he has decided to represent his 7006 (VR) Intelligence Squadron by wearing his uniform to work to raise awareness about the work we do.”

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