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Members of 212 Field Hospital show their red cross arm bands

January 13th 2021

Major Rachel Reynolds – Senior Emergency Department Nurse & Army Reservist with 212 Field Hospital

Most hospitals support time for the Reserves in their employment, either with paid leave or special leave, which is not paid. This varies from Trust to Trust. I believe, as Reservists, that we have the best of both worlds where we can run two parallel careers which complement one another. I have combined my work […]

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Army personnel sitting on tank

November 26th 2020

The Battle of Geilenkirchen

Of particular note to East Midlands RFCA members was the participation of the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry in Geilenkirchen, whose tanks had fought their way across Europe since landing in Normandy on D Day. General Horrocks, who had them under his command from 1942 to 1945, stated of them that ‘no armoured regiment can show a […]

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Gnr Townsend

November 25th 2020

Financial Advisor describes his first year training as an Army Reserve

“Sometimes in life, an idea you have just seems to fit the situation perfectly. I was back in rural Nottinghamshire for the first time since I had left for University six years before and I was lonely. Returning to my family home after living in the freedom of South Africa for three years meant I […]

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Desserts being prepared

November 13th 2020


The challenge for the Army chefs was to cook and serve a two-course meal for four diners in just 90 minutes, whilst also impressing judge Mike Robinson. Mike is one of the UK’s most respected game chefs. He is the owner of three restaurants specialising in wild game, including the elegant The Elder restaurant in […]

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Reserves Pass Out at Grantham

September 30th 2020

Proud Army Reserves from Grantham celebrate the end of their basic training

More than 80 new Reserves from a range of civilian backgrounds including a driving instructor, a rural policy researcher and a personal shopper took part in the traditional pass out ceremony.  The parade marked the successful completion of Phase One training. This includes four weekend courses and a 16-day residential training course at Army Training Regiment, […]

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Dan Burton Otturburn group

August 17th 2020

A year in the life of an Army Reservist

Working alongside their Regular counterparts, Reserves undergo the same training, giving up their spare time to do so.  Here, one of our Army Reserves talks about the breadth of experiences in just one year of being a Reserve. Bdr Dan Burton is a former Fire Support Team (FST) member from 100 Regiment, whose responsibilities include […]

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Lance Corporal Adele Gamblin at the COVID-19 test centre.

July 6th 2020


Earlier this month Army Reservists from 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, based at Sobraon Barracks in Lincoln, deployed at the drive-through mobile Coronavirus testing sites across the East Midlands and East Anglia. The soldiers from 4 (Lincolnshire) Company had been trained to safely collect swabs at the mobile sites before they were sent for […]

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Army load truck with NHS supplies

April 3rd 2020

IMPORTANT: Reservists will support COVID-19

The MOD are working hard to understand an evolving situation with COVID-19 and the contribution that Government requires of Defence’s newly established COVID Support Force. It is now clear that Reserves will be a part of that contribution. At the moment, the intent is that only those Reservists with specific in-demand skills, are being approached […]

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Ex Iron Wolf troops shooting

January 22nd 2020

Exercise Iron Wolf supports Reserves front line training

Exercise Iron Wolf is the country’s largest military exercise, and involved British, German, Estonian and Lithuanian forces. Opportunities for the battalion to train together in large numbers are important for Reservists, who may train just once or twice a month. It is not often the troops will experience such intense fighting, and realistic simulations of […]

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APOEMID 2019 041 HRH Duke of Gloucester 17 GF

July 24th 2019

Royal Visit for Leicestershire Reserves

This was the first time he has visited the Loughborough based Squadron. The Duke who is the Deputy Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Logistics Corps met with soldiers and received briefs on the work and role of the Regiment. He was also introduced to veterans from the East Midlands Royal Army Medical Corps Association.  In recent […]

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