July 1st 2024

Royal honour for Leicester Army Officer


Leicester-based Army Officer Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Field has received royal recognition for his exemplary service in the Army Reserves.

He was one of only four people to be awarded the Kings Volunteer Reserve Medal in His Majesty the King’s Birthday Honours this year. With over 20 years’ service in the Army Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Charlie Field has had a varied and successful Army career. It has combined short notice deployments on military operations, including Iraq, with Regimental Duty and high-profile staff appointments.

Lt Col Field’s current role is that of Commanding Officer (CO) The Royal Yeomanry Regiment. He is responsible for the command, leadership, and management of some 500 reserve soldiers who provide reinforcement to the full-time force when required.

Charlie Field

During his time as CO, Lt Col Field has deployed soldiers on military operations at home and abroad including Iraq, Mali, and to Poland to support NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence.

The Regiment is a reconnaissance regiment whose role is to gather intelligence on the enemy and the local environment. It has Squadrons based in Nottingham, Croydon, Dudley, Telford, London, and Cardiff and is the senior Armoured Regiment in the Army Reserves.

Lt Colonel Field said “I was incredibly surprised but immeasurably proud and grateful to be honoured. When I reflect on my career, I recognise that I have worked with some truly exceptional people, in particular during my role as Commanding Officer of The Royal Yeomanry.”

Lt Col Field’s Army career started in 2000 when he joined the University Officer Training Corps whilst studying Politics at Leicester University.

“I was planning to join the Regular Army as a member of the Queen’s Royal Lancers. I was mobilised to serve with them as a Troop

Leader. It was a wonderful experience but, in the end, I decided to remain as a reservist and joined the Royal Yeomanry.

“I have so many great memories from my career. Leading soldiers on operations in Iraq in 2004 was a rewarding experience that shaped the rest of my career.

“I also led the Royal Yeomanry contingent in the procession to mark the Coronation of Their Majesties Kings Charles III and Queen Camilla. It was a proud moment and one I will always remember.

“I’ve been in the Army since I was 18 years of age – the whole of my adult life. I’ve experienced some amazing things and I have seen how we can help to achieve good amid something truly awful like COVID.

“During my service, wherever I have been deployed or worked, I have made strong friendships and connections along the way. I have never left a job without making new friends or contacts. I don’t regret a single moment.”

Lieutenant Colonel Field combines his military career with working as the Deputy Chairman of CPJ Field funeral directors. His family-run business is the oldest funeral directors in the UK.

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