January 17th 2024

203 (Loughborough) Transport Squadron open evening: the Army Reserves can offer you more in 2024

Soldiers from 203 (Loughborough) Transport Squadron.

Loughborough’s only Army Reserve unit is hosting an open evening on Tuesday, 30th January as it looks to welcome new heavy goods drivers, chefs, medics, clerks and officers for 2024.

Reservists serve in their spare time and play a critical role in national defence and security, from countering threats, peacekeeping, and humanitarian efforts abroad, to supporting communities and national resilience at home.

Reservists within 203 (Loughborough) Transport Squadron are taught to drive a wide range of vehicles, such as 15-tonne trucks and enhanced palletized loading systems, on and off-road.

The Squadron is part of 159 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps and provides the British Army with a heavy lift capability in peace or in times of conflict, transporting combat supplies whenever and wherever they are required.

Those aged 18-48 years old who meet the eligibility criteria and want to embark on new adventures, learn new skills, travel, and achieve more in their spare time, all while being paid, are encouraged to find out more.

Open evening

Loughborough Army Reserve Centre on Leicester Road will host the open evening between 19:30 and 21:00 on Tuesday, 30th January. Free parking is available on-site.

Visitors can expect to see:

  • A weapons display
  • Night vision equipment
  • Laser target rifles
  • Personal issued equipment
  • Exercise rations
  • A first-aid stand
  • A physical training stand
  • A live vehicle and equipment demonstration.

If you require any further information, please call 07775 551 515 or email