February 2nd 2023

4 Mercian headed to Eastern Croatia for Exercise Sava Star


Nine Personnel from 4 MERCIAN spent two weeks in Eastern Croatia training troops from 156 Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) in an Overseas Training Exercise.

4 Mercian worked with personnel from 156 RLC to hone their fundamental infanteering skills over the
course of the exercise. Working with the diverse backgrounds and professions (from Logistics
Specialists to Drivers and Chefs etc). 4 Mercian personnel worked up from the core skills, which were
then developed on.

Within three days of the initial build-up training the troops went from learning section attack theory
to completing section and platoon attacks. Clearly showcasing the progress made by individuals
during the exercise.

While platoon’s 1 and 3 were focussing on British Army Light Infantry Doctrine, 2 Platoon spent their
first week embedded with the Croatian Armed Forces (CAF), operating in and out of their Light
Mechanised Mine Resistant Armoured Protected (MRAP) vehicles, such as M-ATVs and MAXX Pros.
Enabling 2 Platoon to understand the host nation’s tactics, techniques and procedures for light
mechanised operations in a rural environment.

Following positive feedback from both sides, the end state was a successful integrated C-IED serial
which was exercised on the Distinguished Visitors’ Day.

Complementing the field training were three range days predominantly led by 4 Mercian. RLC
Reservists were mentored on how to engage targets effectively with different applications of fire
using the SA80 and Glock 17.

A select few were then chosen to represent the British Army against the Croatians in a friendly
shooting competition, ultimately winning by three points. However, the success wasn’t repeated in
the next round of competition, where the CAF 1st Mechanized Battalion, also known as the ‘Falcons’
beat a combined team from 4 MERCIAN, 3 Regt RLC and 156 Regt RLC 6-2 in a football match.

Finally, there were two cultural days that followed, and Reservist personnel were transported to the
towns of Osijek and Slavonski Brod allowing them to relax and reflect on the two-week exercise.
A parade concluded the exercise, where Lance Corporal Kirby (4 Mercian) received the Commanding
Officer’s coin for his qualities in teaching and ability to develop his subordinates.