November 14th 2023

Ambush, camouflage and chemical drills: on exercise with Loughborough Transport Squadron in Germany.

Group Pic in the field

Drivers, medics, clerks, and chefs from 203 (Loughborough) Transport Squadron travelled to the Sennelager training area, Germany, for a training exercise in September.

Week one on Exercise Halberd Rise was focussed on transport operations as Soldiers drove 15-tonne support vehicles between Monchengladbach and the Goldrund training area.

With a realistic enemy force, they practiced HGV road moves; vehicle camouflage and concealment; vehicle anti-ambush manoeuvres; chemical, biological, and radiological drills; and operating rough terrain forklift vehicles in a tactical environment.

These were all skills the Squadron, part of 159 Regiment RLC, had learned from previous training and were practicing in an overseas exercise.

Cpl O’Reilly demonstrating as lead of the Team Medic course

During the second week, the Reserves undertook team medic, dangerous goods advisor, and Bowman radio equipment training courses.

A battlefield study was also part of the programme, allowing the traveling party to research Operation Plunder, which was the successful Allied military operation to cross the Rhine in 1945.

Visits to the Renaissance castle Wewelsburg, Heinrich Himmler’s residence, and the Edersee Dam – famously targeted in the Dambusters Raid in May 1943 – followed.

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