June 26th 2020


Cadet Evie Botting with schoolchildren in Africa

Cadet Evie, far left, with children from the school near Nairobi

Army Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major Evie Botting had an amazing trip to Africa last year, as part of the Army Cadet Force Association Sports project. As part of Armed Forces Week 2020, we are celebrating Cadets Day by looking at some of their achievements.

The Army Cadet Force is a youth organisation providing fun, adventure and education to young people.  From weekly training to weekend camps, there is never a dull moment.  And opportunities, such as travelling abroad and visiting other cultures, are encouraged and supported.  On Cadets Day, we asked Evie to tell us about her visit to Africa with a sports project.

Evie with friend

Evie making friends

Evie, from Ulverscroft Road Army Cadet Force detachment, Leicester, commented: “When we first arrived at the school near Nairobi, we were helping out with general maintenance – painting, digging, plumbing. Then the children came, and they sang a song to welcome us, and we then had the chance to get to know them. Over the next few days, we were able to teach them about football and even play a tournament. The children were so inquisitive, and it was a privilege to have known them, so bright and willing to learn. We loved how they all were so happy with their lives even though they had barely anything.”

“After the work at the school was finished, we embarked on a Safari over the weekend and saw incredible animals, including a lioness. To spend the night out there was exhilarating. We also went white-water rafting, which was incredible.  And we got to jump off high bridges and ride the rapids. We returned to the school to say a very emotional goodbye as we had to leave them for the last time. I enjoyed all of the trip. It was incredible and the best experience of my life, thanks to Cadets.”

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"The children were so inquisitive, and it was a privilege to have known them, so bright and willing to learn." Cadet Evie Botting