June 15th 2018

Army Cadets march into the history books

2 Lt Joseph Chivayo ACF Derbyshire ACF

Second Lt Joseph Chivayo ACF, Derbyshire ACF

Army Cadet Force Officers from across the East Midlands have marched proudly on parade to receive a historic new commission approved by Her Majesty the Queen.

The new Cadet Force commission is the first new commission granted by Her Majesty in over 150 years and recognises the immense contribution made by volunteer staff as leaders of national uniformed youth organisations sponsored by the Ministry of Defence.

Members of Derbyshire ACF band played on the day

Members of Derbyshire ACF band played on the day

Army Cadet Officers from across the East Midlands (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland) joined fellow Officers from 7th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters East at Belvoir Castle to mark the new Commission.

7th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters East commands and oversees 15,500 Cadets based across the East Midlands and East Anglia and the 91 schools involved in Combined Cadet Force activity.

The parade was inspected by Lieutenant General Richard Nugee, the Chief of Defence People at the Ministry of Defence. He is responsible for supporting military and civilian personnel based in the UK and around the world.

Addressing the parade, he said: “You prepare young people for adult life by raising their aspirations and motivating them to succeed.   You provide cadets with extraordinary opportunities and personal development, no matter what their academic ability and provide the leadership and guidance to allow them to flourish in the cadets but also in life.

“Few organisations, if any, can match the dedication and commitment you give week in week out to the youth of our society. You are an example to others and for that we owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you for volunteering, thank you for your leadership, enthusiasm and your time and thank you for being here today.

Leicester Army Cadet Force Officer Amanda Gilbert was on parade. Amanda, aged 51, has been a volunteer for 14 years. A trained life guard, sports and gymnastics coach, she joined as an instructor. She commented:  “The cadets are given a lot of in-depth instruction by people that are passionate about what they do. We want to give them a firm foundation. And it’s not just about whilst they are in cadets. We teach integrity, loyalty and respect and they take that with them when they leave.”

Speaking about the parade, Amanda, who works as a house boarding assistant at Welbeck College, continued: “It’s been really nice to be here at Belvoir Castle. It’s been an opportunity to meet up with people I know from other counties. It reminds you there are other people doing what you do and there is a bigger picture. It’s not just about your cadet detachment, it’s a national effort.”

Tim Chappell, Officer Commanding of C (Tiger) Company was also on parade. A civilian engineering planner in civilian life he has been in the Army Cadets 22 years, two months and two weeks. He explained: “I was a CCF (Combined Cadet Force) Cadet at Loughborough Grammar School. I then went to university and read an advert in a paper about Adult Instructors and I’m still here. It’s great to be here on parade and to get the recognition for the work we do. Our instructors and training officers work very hard. We all do it for the cadets.”

 Second Lieutenant Iain Bulloch joined C Company, Derbyshire Cadet Force based in Long Eaton as an adult volunteer five years ago when his son joined as a cadet. His wife Karen is also an Adult Instructor in the Long Eaton detachment.

Cdt Sunley and Cdt Howe latest members to join Lincolnshire ACF band

Cdt Sunley and Cdt Howe latest members to join Lincolnshire ACF band

 He said: “It’s been a great occasion and I feel very honoured to be here. We have a large detachment in Long Eaton and  it’s nice to see the kids achieve and grow into young adults. My son Cameron joined and he roped me into it because they were short staffed.”

The new commission differentiates the Officer Army Cadets from Regular and Reserve personnel who have very different roles and have different terms of condition and service.

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“The cadets are given a lot of in-depth instruction by people that are passionate about what they do"