February 26th 2020


Bourne Cadets who applied first aid

The Bourne, Lincs ACF Cadets who applied first aid

Four quick thinking Cadets heading for their Gold Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition were tested before even catching their train. Seeing a fellow traveller had collapsed, and then realising he was bleeding heavily from the head, they used their First Aid Kit and initiative to save the day.

The Cadets, from Bourne Army Cadet Force (ACF), in Lincolnshire, were waiting for a train which had been re-routed via Manchester.  Cadet Staff Sergeant Sam Hilder commented:  “A man near us collapsed suddenly.  I ran over to help him and saw he was bleeding, so I shouted to the others to grab the first aid kit from my bag.

“The four of us carried out the primary and secondary survey.  Initially, the man was unconscious, but with our help, he started to respond.”

Noticing the extent of the bleeding from his head the Cadets alerted a station worker. That staff member was able to find a bigger first aid kit.  The Cadets continued to treat the bleed and stem the flow of blood by applying direct pressure.

Sam continued:  “We checked for concussion by looking at his eyes.  We also checked his skull and ears for blood or fluid; his skull didn’t seem fractured. Alcohol could be smelt on his breath and his friend confirmed they’d attended a work’s party.  They had had a lot to drink, but little food or water. This friend made us aware of any medical issues. We were then able to help him to sit up so we could tend to his cuts and grazes.”

Commandant praises Cadets quick action

A station worker called 999, and the Cadets provided what information they had such as age, allergies, food and drink consumed, and injuries sustained.  The patient was kept warm and safe in a wheelchair until emergency services arrived.  At this point the man was feeling somewhat better, and thanked the Cadets for their help.

The Bourne Army Cadets were eventually able to continue their journey, arriving at their base just around midnight.

Col Jeremy Field commented: “As Commandant of Lincoln ACF, I am immensely proud of the action the Cadets took to potentially save a man’s life at Manchester Piccadilly Station.  The training the Cadets had received, and their understanding of their Civic duty, came to the fore to offer immediate first aid.  Very well done!”

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“We checked for concussion by looking at his eyes and also checked his skull and ears for blood or fluid; his skull didn’t seem fractured." Cadet Staff Sergeant Sam Hilder