December 14th 2018

Cadet welcomes HRH Princess Anne to Lincolnshire

Princess 2

HRH Princess Anne being welcomed by the Lord-Lieutenant and Josh

In his capacity of Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet,  Horncastle detachment’s Cadet Staff Sergeant Josh Chapman welcomed HRH Princess Anne on her visit to Lincolnshire.

The Princess Royal’s engagements included the unveiling of Market Rasen’s £700,000 restoration scheme, which has seen the local railway station’s dilapidated buildings turned into a heritage and community centre. 

It was an experience that Josh will certainly cherish. He said: “My day started off by arriving at the Linkage College, near Boultham Park. At first I was anxious but more so excited at what was going to happen within the next few hours. The Princess Royal then arrived and I had the honour of saluting HRH as she stepped out of the car. I was first greeted by her as she said ‘good afternoon’ to me in which I replied ‘good afternoon your Royal Highness’. 

Josh holding the door for HRH Princess Anne

Josh holding the door for HRH Princess Anne

Most of the Cadet Sergeant’s day was taken up by assisting HM Lord Lieutenant in executing his duties of office as he escorted Princess Anne. Josh said: “This visit was filled with many people who were clearly warmed by Princess Anne. I was simply overwhelmed to be in the presence of royalty, but I managed to maintain the core standards of the ACF.” 

Towards the end of the visit, Josh had the honour of holding the car door open for HRH, who gave a final thankyou to him. He concluded: “Overall, the day was a privilege and honour just to be within walking distance of such a fantastic women. This opportunity is very rare and having said that I felt proud and a venerated member of the ACF. What a great day!”

Colonel Jeremy Field, Commandant of Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force, said: “It was a very special day for Josh to accompany Mr Toby Dennis, Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire, and to be presented to HRH The Princess Royal on her visit to Lincoln and Market Rasen. This moment will remain with Josh for many years to come. He and the County can be justifiably proud of his achievement and performance and I am sure there will be many more such days to come!”

Before the royal arrival, Lynn Ritson, property manager at the station, said she was delighted the Princess Royal has agreed to officially open the building.

She said: “We are honoured that Her Royal Highness is going to visit the station and officially unveil the plaque at the Heritage Centre.” 

“The restoration of the building involved so many people from the local community and without hardworking volunteers driving the project forward, it would never have happened.

“It is fantastic to be able to mark their success with such a high profile royal visit.”

"This opportunity is very rare and having said that I felt proud and a venerated member of the ACF. What a great day!”