February 27th 2020


cadet ski trip photo

Cadets skiing in Northern Spain

Lincolnshire and Derbyshire Army Cadets combined forces over the February half-term holiday, embarking on an action-packed holiday hitting the steep slopes of Northern Spain.

During half-term, the Lincolnshire and Derbyshire Army Cadet Forces embarked on a coach trip through France for an adrenaline-fuelled skiing expedition, located on the border of Northern Spain.

Despite the long, gruelling, 22-hour coach trip, the Cadets were excited to get out on the snow.  The young men and women were grouped together by their skiing abilities and assigned an instructor to show them their way around the slopes.

Cadets working as a team

Teamwork at its best

With a variety of different ski slopes to tackle, they were in for a busy few days. Even though for some of the Cadets it was their first time on skis, they feared nothing, and approached each challenge with ambition.  Their teamwork was impeccable,  supporting each other to help each group improve as a team.

The Cadets descended down 8 steep slopes of La Cerdanya, perfecting the parallel turns they had learnt that very morning. Their motivation was racing down for the hot cups of cocoa waiting for them at the bottom.

It wouldn’t be the Cadets without some team-building activities. After a busy day, and in need of relaxation, they all took part in group games in the evenings.

On the final day, the Cadets ventured up to two impressive mountains in La Molina; La Tosa and La Cerdanya. One cadet said: “With the trip drawing rapidly to an end, it was time to take in the view and enjoy the skills we had learnt.”

Cadets looking at mountain view

Cadets taking in the views from the top

On the last night, awards were presented, with the Cadets receiving certificates in areas they excelled at. This was also where they said goodbye to a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer, Staff Sergeant Craft. This was his last expedition.  A Cadet commented: “He will be greatly missed by both Cadets and adults; he was excellent at keeping the Cadets in order.”

Cadets impress Captain

Reflecting on the trip, Captain Amara-Carnell (Training Officer 3 Coy) said: “The behaviour and attitude of all the Cadets truly impressed me. They listened carefully to their ski instructors, dug deep and as a result, every single one of them progressed, whilst having a thoroughly amazing time.”

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“For me it was fabulous to see those Cadets new to skiing learn the basics and then overcome their fear and progress onto harder slopes.” School Sergeant Instructor Sewell