October 25th 2023

East Midlands University Officers’ Training Corps’ coast-to-coast adventure

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A dozen Officer Cadets from East Midlands University Officers’ Training Corps walked Wainwright’s coast-to-coast path on Exercise Dragon Northern Stride earlier this year.

From the start at St Bees on the west coast to Robin Hood’s Bay on the east coast, the Reserves walked close to 200 miles in pursuit of their Summer Mountain Foundation qualification while developing leadership skills and greater resilience. All made possible thanks to grant support from East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Associations.

Led by their two Army Reserves instructors, the first few days took the group through steep and challenging terrain in the glorious Lake District. Elevations of more than 1,000m proved to be a mental and physical challenge, but the amazing views made it all worthwhile.

After four days in the Lakes, the Yorkshire Dales proved to be easier-going and quicker to progress through for the group.

The weather improved and the group stopped at a campsite near Richmond for the day to consolidate their Summer Mountain Foundation skills before continuing toward the bright purple heather of the North York Moors.

The different experiences presented by each of the three national parks made the expedition a true adventure, with the group exploring the best that England has to offer.

Some 192 miles and quite a few blisters later, the Officer Cadets arrived at a very foggy Robin Hood’s Bay, throwing their Cumbrian pebbles into the North Sea before going for a cold dip.

After 12 days of walking, the group were able to relax and celebrate their achievement.

This trip provided a substantial challenge, and all those involved took a lot away from the experience. The group pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, bonded as a team, and found new confidence they can take forward into their next challenge.

Want to find out more about the East Midlands University Officers’ Training Corps? Visit their website.

With thanks to Officer Cadet Fogg, East Midlands University Officers’ Training Corps’, for producing this report.