July 1st 2021

Ex-Cadet attends Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Ex-Cadet Richard Gibbs

Ex-Cadet Staff Sergeant Richard Gibbs

Ex-Cadet Staff Sergeant Richard Gibbs (20) has recently entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on a 42 week long Officer’s course.  Richard is a former member of the King’s School Combined Cadet Force (CCF) in Grantham.

Ex-Cadet Richard Gibbs In the CCF

Richard Gibbs during this time in the CCF

Richard Gibbs became one of three CCF Cadets in the UK to be selected for the Sir William Knight’s Flying Scholarship courtesy of the RAF Charitable Trust in 2018, in which he successfully gained his Private Pilot’s Licence. In 2019, Richard left school and took a gap year, where he went on to become a Civilian Instructor for the Royal Air Force Section. After gaining hours of flying experience, ex-cadet Staff Sergeant Richard was focused on becoming a Pilot with the RAF Regulars.

Due to medical reasons, he was unable to proceed in his application to become a pilot. After some careful consideration, Richard decided to change his application from RAF Officer to Army Officer as he felt “there wasn’t a role in the RAF that interested me as much as the roles in the Army once I learned I was unable to fly.”

Attending Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Many interviews and tests later Richard was successful in his application and was offered a place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Richard is currently completing the Commissioning Course 211 (CC211), a 42 week long course which on completion will have him commission as a 2nd Lieutenant into the British Army.

Ex-Cadet Richard Gibbs Sandhurst

Richard Gibbs attending Sandhurst

Richard is currently in his second term known as ‘inters’. He told us “this term our training will be focusing on Offensive & Enabling actions as well as defensive operations and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear materials defence.” On passing out of Sandhurst, he has the ambition of joining either the Royal Artillery or the Royal Engineers.

One of the Cadet Force Adult Volunteers from the unit told us: “He is an excellent example to our Cadets and when he is not at Sandhurst, he comes into King’s to instruct. Gibbs sums up the CCF ethos ‘To Inspire to Achieve’ ”.

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