January 22nd 2020

Exercise Iron Wolf supports Reserves front line training

Ex Iron Wolf troops shooting

Exercise Iron Wolf, troops shooting

More than 100 Reservists from C Company 4 Mercian, based in Bulwell, took part in a NATO exercise in Lithuania late last year.

Exercise Iron Wolf is the country’s largest military exercise, and involved British, German, Estonian and Lithuanian forces.

Opportunities for the battalion to train together in large numbers are important for Reservists, who may train just once or twice a month. It is not often the troops will experience such intense fighting, and realistic simulations of mine fields and other threats.

Troops on Exercise Iron Wolf in forest in Lithuania

Reserves trained alongside international troops

Around 4,000 soldiers took part in the Exercise, both Regular and Reserves.  Major Nigel Bradley, 4 Mercian, said: “The learning curve on this exercise is massive.  Our preparation was on really small training areas back in the UK. This is a huge step up.”

For Private Martin Chomanicz of 4 Mercian, it has been an invaluable experience: “I’ve been tested to the max personally. It’s where you find out who you really are.

Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic republics. Just over a decade after it regained its independence during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, Lithuania was welcomed as a NATO member in 2004.

Ex Iron Wolf troops march in Lithuania

Ex Iron Wolf troops march in Lithuania

“For all soldiers, both Regular and Reserves, the chance to train with our NATO allies is always hugely valuable,” explained Defence Attache to Lithuania, Major Thomas O’Boy.  “Lithuania has a huge amount of expertise, as do our German and Dutch colleagues, and all the others who make up the Enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup.”

The Iron Wolf Mechanised Infantry Brigade is the prime fighting force of the Lithuanian Army, and is named after a mythological figure in Lithuania.

To find out more about training as an Army Reservist in your spare time, find your local Reserves unit here.


"I've been tested to the max personally, it's where you find out who you really are."