September 10th 2020

‘Give As You Live’ supports charity funding of Reservist and Cadet expeditions

The Ulysses Trust logo

The Ulysses Trust logo

The Ulysses Trust, a trust that provides funding assistance to Reservist and Cadet expeditions in the UK, are now being supported by ‘Give As You Live’.

The Ulysses Trust provides funding to support Cadets and Reservists to experience the great outdoors and participate in outward bound style adventurous training in the UK and overseas. You can help support the charity to raise more money by signing-up to ‘Give As You Live’. It’s a free service that generates funds for charities via online shopping and purchases.

Retailers that support Give As You Live

Retailers that support Give As You Live

Raise funds for charity at no cost to you

Here’s how it works. Once you’ve joined, each time you make an online purchase you can choose to make a small donation to a charity at no extra cost to you. The donation is made by the retailer to ‘Give As You Live’ as a ‘thank you’ for the purchase – more details at

It’s an easy way for you to support Cadets and Reservists across the UK. Supporters are raising between £10-£50 a year just through normal online shopping.

More supporters = More funds to support expeditions.  Please consider supporting the Ulysses Trust by signing up.

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