July 13th 2023

Hundreds gather for Armed Forces celebration in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire Town Council re-signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

Northamptonshire Town Council organised a special celebration to mark Armed Forces Day.

Hundreds of people flooded into the town square to witness a military procession, which also saw Northamptonshire Town Council re-sign the Armed Forces Covenant.

The Mayor of Northampton, Cllr Stephen Hibbert, and Major Iain McDavid MBE, Executive Officer for the Army Reserve unit 103 REME, co-signed the covenant. TS Laforey Northampton Sea Cadets, the TS 800 Naval Air Squadron, the 5F Squadron RAFAC, and Army Reserves 103; 118 FS Battalion REME were present at the ceremony.

Jim Wright, Chairman of the Northamptonshire Employer Engagement group, conducted the ceremony. He said: “ It was a great pleasure to have been asked to conduct the signing – a historic occasion for Northampton Town Council as they officially pledge support to serving troops, veterans, and their families.”

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