November 3rd 2023

Inspirational Cadets, Volunteers and Reserves celebrated at Lord-Lieutenants’ Awards


Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire with the incoming and outgoing Cadets.

A devoted Army Reserve chef who travels hundreds of miles to support her Squadron is just one of the inspirational Cadets, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) and Reserves to be celebrated for exceptional commitment and achievement at Lord-Lieutenants’ Awards ceremonies across the East Midlands.

Long-serving volunteers with almost 60 years’ experience and outgoing and newly appointed Lord-Lieutenants’ Cadets have also been given their moment in the spotlight for extraordinary achievements.

Services for Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, and Rutland all took place in October, each led by His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant.

All of the ceremonies were supported or facilitated by the East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association with a focus on creating special moments of celebration for our Reserves, Cadets and CFAVs who add so much value to society.

Life as a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet

One person who stepped on stage to address the audience of dignitaries and supporters at the Lincolnshire ceremony was Petty Officer Cadet Hannah Griffiths, a Sea Cadet of eight years.

POC Griffiths, of TS Wrangler, has spent the last 12 months as HM Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire’s Cadet, assisting the Lord-Lieutenant’s official duties, not least as His Majesty King Charles visited the county.

POC Griffiths, who has recently won national honours in drill and kayaking competitions, said: “This year being a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet has been brilliant to be honest, I’ve gone to every event possible.

“I attended the Coronation and I met the King at Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese Farm, shook his hand and spoke with him. I remember him telling me life would get easier after school.

“I’ve learnt a lot about the role of the Lord-Lieutenant, I’ve got to see behind-the-scenes – like at services at Lincoln Cathedral – and my confidence has been boosted too.”

The ceremony marked the end POC Griffiths’ tenure as a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet.

Others were welcomed in, such as Cadet Sergeant Alexander Wells, 858 (Rushden) Squadron, an ambitious Cadet from Northamptonshire who has gained 43 qualifications, including Gold Communicator and Advanced Cyber Specialist, through the Air Cadets.

Credit: James Rudd.

Unwavering commitment

Lance Corporal Michelle Isles, a chef with 160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron, has been awarded a Meritorious Service Award for her incredible dedication.

Although she now lives in Scotland and has an unenviable journey of hundreds of miles each way, LCpl Isles has committed to more than 50 services days in the last year in support of both the Squadron, which is based out of Sobraon Barracks, and the Regular Army.

A citation in support of her award praised LCpl Isles’ cooking skills, drive and attitude and described her as “a model soldier who amplifies the true Reservist spirit to volunteer.”

Another Meritorious Service Award recipient was Major Adam Stringer, who delivers training for Derbyshire Army Cadets.

This year, Major Stringer faced numerous challenges in leading on all aspects of planning for the county’s 10-day Annual Camp. He went above and beyond and showed great attention to detail in overcoming the problems to safely deliver this key event and effective and engaging training for approximately 500 Cadets and 120 CFAVs.

Also recognised was Wing Commander (Retired) Stephen Hullott of 2160 (Sleaford) Squadron Air Cadets.

He said: “It’s an honour to be recognised, there’s no two ways about it. Two years ago I was honoured by South Kesteven Council in a similar fashion – but this rather tops it.

“When the speaker read out that I have been involved in the Air Training Corps for 57 years it rather came home just how long I’ve been in this organisation and just how old I’m getting now as well. But it was wonderful, and wonderful of the Officer Commanding, Flight Lieutenant Karen Turner, to put me forward for it.”

Wing Commander (Rtd) Hullott, aged 70, has been involved in the Air Cadets for 57 years, during which he has served in almost every role in the Wing.

Currently he is the Squadron’s Media and Communications Officer and had led the team to the Wing Media Trophy on 3 occasions. Colleagues described him as an inspiration and “a man of great personal warmth” with the “highest standards of integrity” and an “encyclopaedic knowledge” of Service regulations.

He added: “As long as I can be relevant, as long as what I’m doing makes sense and I’m fit enough to do it, I will carry on.”

Rutland Lord-Lieutenant’s Award winners.

Young role models

Civic leaders were joined by business leaders at the ceremonies, with the likes of logistics giant GXO and family business Sandicliffe hearing for themselves the transformative effect of the Cadets and the value Reserves and CFAVs add at the Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire events.

Mr Mike Kapur OBE, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire, said: “The manner in which the Cadets chosen to support me carry out their duties is a credit to both themselves and their units. This year, I have seven young people supporting my role as Lord-Lieutenant, continuing this tradition of excellence.

“It is important that we recognise the incredibly talented young people from across our county. Often, the achievements of young people are overlooked or undervalued in our society, but in my role as Lord-Lieutenant, I often get to see the best of what our youth can offer for the future of our city, county and country.”

Fred Hopkins, Head of Engagement at East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association, added: “We’ve been blown away by the inspirational stories of dedication and passion at this year’s Lord-Lieutenants’ Awards.

“All of our people add value, but these people truly embody the very best of us and it has been a pleasure to give them their moment in the spotlight and recognise them.”


Lord-Lieutenants’ Awards recipients:


  • Cadet Sergeant Major Jessica Thomas (D Company, Swadlincote Detachment Army Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Warrant Officer Sophie Louise Shedden (1401 (Alfreton and Ripley) Squadron Air Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Corporal Roisin O’Neill (Mount St Mary’s College CCF) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Lance Corporal Alfie Carter (Chesterfield Sea Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Captain Iain Bulloch (Derbyshire Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Major Adam Stringer (Derbyshire Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service


  • Able Cadet Lily-Lea Jacques (Leicester Sea Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Corporal Carys Thompson (Market Harborough Army Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Corporal Joe Bird (Loughborough Grammar School CCF) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Flight Sergeant Wilf Burrows (1279 (Melton Mowbray) Squadron Air Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet


  • Cadet Corporal Banks (Sleaford Detachment Army Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Corporal Wright (King Edward VI Grammar School CCF) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Warrant Officer Errington (2160 (Sleaford) Squadron Air Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Flight Lieutenant Catherine Paula Barton (The King’s School CCF) – Meritorious Service
  • Lance Corporal Michelle Isles (160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron) – Meritorious Service
  • Leading Cadet Everett (Lincolnshire Sea Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Lieutenant Douglas Barr (TS Wrangler) – Meritorious Service
  • Lieutenant Scott Day (Lincolnshire Sea Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Major Mel Amara-Carnell (Lincolnshire Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Mr Stephen Parris (Lincolnshire Sea Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Mrs Lorna Adlington (Lincolnshire Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Second Lieutenant Ben Adlington (Lincolnshire Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Staff Sergeant Instructor Cameron Edwards (Lincolnshire Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Staff Sergeant Instructor Elliot Cunningham (Lincolnshire Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Staff Sergeant Instructor Natalie Woodhead (Lincolnshire Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Wing Commander Stephen Hullott (2160 (Sleaford) Squadron Air Cadets) – Meritorious Service


  • Cadet Sergeant Aaron Blackwood (Combined Cadet Force) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Sergeant Alexander Wells (858 (Rushden) Squadron) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Corporal Emma Vogt (LNR Army Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Petty Officer Cadet Emily Horne (Northampton Sea Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Colonel Inez Bradbury (LNR Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Colour Sergeant Gordon Bell (Sea Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Mr Jim Wright (Wright Logistics Services) – Meritorious Service
  • Mr Nigel Barret (Brooke Weston Trust) – Meritorious Service


  • Able Cadet Sutton (Worksop Sea Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Flight Sergeant O’Callaghan (South & East Midlands Wing) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Lance Corporal Cohen (Nottinghamshire Army Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Sergeant Major Hanlon (Arnold Hill CCF) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Cadet Lieutenant Beeston (Nottinghamshire Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Colour Sergeant Lloyd (C Company, 4 Mercian) – Meritorious Service
  • Lance Corporal Billy Taylor (281 Movement Control Squadron) – Meritorious Service
  • Lieutenant Clark (Nottingham Sea Cadets) – Meritorious Service
  • Mr Niel Hudson (HMS Sherwood) – Meritorious Service

RUTLAND (photos)

  • Cadet Sergeant William Dean (Air Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Sergeant Emma Johnson (LNR Army Cadets) – Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet
  • Major Janna Brackley (LNR Army Cadets) – Meritorious Service