July 27th 2020

New challenges for Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland Army Cadet Force during lockdown

LNRACF on Armed Forces Day

LNRACF Cadet's on Armed Forces Day 2019

Army Cadets from Leicester, Northants and Rutland have embraced the challenges presented by not being able to meet face to face currently.  With ingenious ideas, using technology and some creative thinking, they have undertaken some great activities.

The Senior Management team and Army Cadet Force Adult Volunteers got together (virtually) to produce a plan to allow Cadets to continue to ‘inspire and achieve’ whilst in lockdown.

Each week, one ‘company’ of Cadets would be given access to their County’s social media platforms.  Area Commanders were given time to compose a plan with their Army Cadet Force for what they would like to include in their given week. Take a look at some of the activities from each Company’s take- over week.

‘A Company’

A Company’s takeover featured Cadet Lewis and Cadet Crouch from Salamanca Detachment, with an educational video on how to erect a BASHA (British Army Standard Hotel Accommodation) in the field. They also included a variety of challenges, including a Tik Tok challenge, a physical challenge, and a photo challenge.

‘B Squadron’

During B Squadron’s take-over week, a variety of challenges were shared, including a guessing challenge, a quiz, and a fitness challenge. B Squadron finished off with a very creative art challenge, requesting Cadets to get their paints, pencils, Play-Doh, Lego, crayons, chalk, or camera out and try re-creating the Royal Lancers Motto. As you can see below, the results were fantastic!

‘C Company’

Towards the end of C Company’s week, they came up with a great way for Cadets in the County to come together to celebrate VE Day. C Company asked Cadets to help in creating the longest string of ACF bunting, ready to send to three local care homes for their VE Day parties. They did this by asking Cadets to design a piece of bunting and share it in the comments, where Captain Allen would individually print each one to create the ACF bunting.

‘D Company’

D Company’s week had a variety of creative posts, but one that caught our attention was the ‘Build an Instrument’ video. D Company shared several different ways to create instruments like drums, bell lyres, and cymbals, using household objects and challenged Cadets to do the same and share their work.

‘E Company’

E Company’s week focussed on Officer Cadet, Major Paul Davanna, virtually cycling to every detachment in LNR ACF as part of the ‘Tour de LNR’, starting each day in a different area. In total, he cycled 198 miles in 6 nights! Along with the Tour de LNR, there were other posts including; favourite experiences, best Cadet experience, and motivational speeches.

Tour de LNR

Tour De LNR routes from Monday 11th May to Saturday 16th

‘F Squadron’

F Squadron’s week saw the creation of Quorn (K9) Detachment where the instructors were able to have their pets join the detachment and take part in the many available adventures. The week finished with a thank you video from the Lord Lieutenants of Leicester and Rutland and a Kahoot challenge regarding the social media take-over.

F Squadron K9 detachment

F Squadron K9 detachment

Since the seven-week social media take-over, the Detachments are still working full steam ahead with activities. Cadets are dedicating time and effort to helping raise money for charitable organisations, as well as the National Health Service. A Company has raised an amazing £1,142 by walking, running or cycling 75 miles in a 30-day virtual challenge. B Squadron has also raised money for the NHS by doing a fitness challenge, completing over 3,700 km during June.

To take a closer look at what LNR ACF have been up to over lockdown, you can visit their social media channels here:

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