January 30th 2018

A look forward to RAF100

Members of RAF 80 Squadron during operations over Albania in 1940

Members of RAF 80 Squadron during operations over Albania

2018 is a special year for the Royal Air Force, it marks 100 years since its founding. This makes it the oldest Air Force in the world and this year is dedicated to celebrating and commemorating that history.

The RAF has put together a packed schedule of events throughout 2018, aiming to provide opportunities to commemorate and celebrate the RAF but also to inspire the next generation, here are some of the biggest and best events that will be taking place over the forthcoming months.

RAF100 officially begins with an opening concert in the Royal Albert Hall on 31 March and then the very next day is the official anniversary which is when the baton relay will commence.

A mark one Hurricaine in flight during an air show

A mark one Hurricane in flight during an air show

The RAF Orienteering Association has organised the baton relay which will travel around the country, linking over 100 different RAF sites together.

Working with other RAF sporting associations the RAF Orienteering Association hopes this will help commemorate 100 years of the RAF but that by showcasing the opportunities for sport in the RAF it will help to inspire the next generation to get involved.

The RAF will also be touring a selection of aircraft around the country, sadly they aren’t coming to the East Midlands you can see them in London on the 6/9 July, in Birmingham on the 25/27 August, in Manchester on 15/16 September or visit the RAF100 website to find out the other locations.

There are a lot of other events that do take place in the East Midlands, including a special RAF100 themed open cockpits day on the first of April at Newark Air Museum in Nottinghamshire.

At this event you will be able to explore a selection of former RAF aircrafts and gain a better understanding of the kind of pressures pilots face.

RAF Scampton will be converting a hangar to a First World War airfield and will be hosting three period aircraft.

The base was one of the first used in World War One but has become well known because of its involvement in the Dambuster raids of World War Two, making it the perfect place to look back on 100 years of the RAF.

An RAF Fairy Fox on display in 1929

An RAF Fairy Fox on display in 1929

The International Bomber Command Centre will be officially opened during a ceremony on the 12 April.

Located in Lincoln the centre aims to act as a memorial to all those who were involved with or affected by the bombing campaigns of World War Two, the daytime ceremony is strictly by invitation but the evening ceremony is open to all.

Lincoln Cathedral will host a special centenary concert on the 24 May which will star The Band of the Royal Air Force College but will be presented by the honorary ambassador for RAF Air Cadets Group Captain Carol Vorderman MBE, there will also be a selection of special guests appearing.

Tickets for the concert are available from the Lincoln Cathedral website with all proceeds going to The Royal Air Force Music Charitable Trust and other service focused charities.

There are many more events planned for RAF100 please keep an eye on our events section over the next few months as this will be updated as new events are announced.