April 18th 2018

Mansfield Cadets recruiting adult volunteers

Mansfield Royal Marines Cadets

Mansfield Royal Marine Cadets

Mansfield Royal Marine Cadets are currently recruiting adult volunteers to help run the unit.

Colour Sergeant Paul Squires, a former cadet and currently the unit’s only adult volunteer explained how he got involved: “I owe so much to the cadets, it was the adult instructors who shaped my life during my teenage years, I decided to repay the commitment shown to me and become an instructor.

“It is rewarding knowing you are putting something back into the community, and you feel proud when you see young people develop into well-rounded individuals.

“Without adult volunteers in place, units will fail thereby denying youngsters the opportunity to become the best people they can be.”

Adult volunteers are able to complete a number of nationally recognised qualifications through the Royal Marine Cadets including courses in leadership and management from CVQO, and can become a qualified instructor in activities like yachting and kayaking.

Paul added: “The courses we can offer are numerous and are designed to give the volunteer all the skills necessary.

“All that is required is a bit of commitment and a willingness to learn.”

Royal Marine Cadets are part of the Sea Cadet Corps, which is a national charity.

Previous military service is not required to become an adult volunteer in the Royal Marine Cadets.

Mansfield Royal Marine Cadets meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening at their   headquarters on Quarry Lane from 7pm and 9pm.

For more information about becoming an adult volunteer with the unit in Mansfield please email or telephone 01623 420340.

“All that is required is a bit of commitment and a willingness to learn.”