September 6th 2021

New name and branding for Army Cadet Charitable Trust

Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK logo

The Army Cadet Force Association has changed it’s name and re-branded itself to the Army Cadet Charitable Trust (ACCTUK). The change aims to make clear to their supporters and audiences what they do.



Following external research, the Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK have changed their name. At the same time, a fresh design has been introduced, to help increase the number of people who understand who the Charity is and what they do. They aim to explain themselves better to supporters and to reach out to the charity’s beneficiaries who may need their help.

The new name clearly identifies them as a charity and is directly linked and associated with the Army Cadet Force (ACF). The new name will make it easier for donors outside of their normal networks to understand why they are asking for their support. It is hoped it will also help them grow as a charity, continuing their work of supporting the ACF with funding.

Four Army Cadets sitting on the grass

Lincolnshire Army Cadets take a break at camp

Brand ‘shining star’ represents inclusivity, inspiration and navigation

In creating the new branding, it was important that a visible historical link was maintained between the Army Cadet Force and the Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK.  The new logo is shaped by one simple unifying idea that supports the brand essence: ‘guiding young people to success’.

The star outline used at the heart of the logo is based upon the Army Cadet achievement badge that Cadets proudly wear. This shape maintains the Charity’s historical link with the ACF. The shining star with its inclusive colours, represents both inspiration and a compass for navigation. It also indicates how the Army Cadets provide guidance and direction for young people through life’s pathways and at crossroads to their futures.

Learn more about the rebrand here, or find out how you can support them with a charitable donation, fundraising or legacy.